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11/24/2021 08:46 PM 

Tragedy: word prompt


May 2nd, 2003, 5 years after the Battle of Hogwarts
Tragedy had struck in the most unexpected way. Sure, the Weasley twin knew that the battle would end with people dying, the lives of people he knew, there were people who he didn’t know, who lost their lives on that tragic day. It still haunted him to this day. Sure, it had been five years since that day. And he laid awake in bed, the morning of the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts.



He still lived above the shop, with Hermione. Though he had to do some work on the flat to accomodate for the children when they spent the night. Sometimes they had all 4 of the kids at once, sometimes only a few. But they were happy with what they got and who they got to spend time with, granted, George Weasley liked the fact that they at times had his kids there. Even though Hugo and Rose weren’t biologically his, he still loves them all the same.


George sighed as he looked to his left to see his fiance sleeping. She looked so peaceful, but for how long would she be? Soon they would be getting up and heading to the Burrow. His mother wanted to do another brunch on the anniversary of the battle to celebrate the win again. She did that every year since the battle. Was it her way of mourning still? The first war she lost her twin brothers, the last war she had lost one of her sons, who just happened to be a twin. Today was another day to celebrate. Celebrate that they were alive. Celebrate the lives of who weren’t with them any more. That’s how she looked at it.


Thou George mourned the deaths, some days his mind wandered to the tragic death of his twin brother, Fred. It wasn’t supposed to be like this, but this was his reality. His reality since the battle. He knew he had so much to live for and would forever be grateful to be still alive. But he just wished Fred could be here with him, to see his nieces and nephews, to help with the shop. The shop had been their pride, something that they had worked so hard for for so long. After the war it took everything in George to keep the shop running. But once he started getting better it was worth it to keep the shop running again.


George felt the tears prick at the corner of his eyes as he thought of Fred, of what they worked for and how it rested on him. He knew today would be hard again. He went to get up, he knew he was going to cry, he always did on this day. And he didn’t want to wake Hermione with his sobbing. It hadn’t failed before, he always ends up crying on this day.


As he stood up, he felt a hand on his  “You can do it here” Hermione whispered. “Do what?” He asked, unable to look at her “I know you cry, I know you try to get up before me to cry” She pulled him back onto the bed. George resisted for a moment, then laid back down, he laid on his side, facing Hermione. She had tears in her eyes too. This wasn’t the first time they had cried together. But for whatever reason, George tried to get the crying out of his system so he could be there for Hermione, support her, that he wouldn’t break down when she needed him.


George closed his eyes, his bottom lip quivering. He could feel Hermione reach out to wrap her arms around him. He could feel her body shake as she sobbed softly. George couldn’t hold his tears back, he could feel them flowing down his cheeks. To be able to break down like this with Hermione was something he never experienced before, to have someone there, someone who was willing to see that side of you.


They laid there for at least twenty minutes, eventually just laying in eachothers arms. They didn’t always need to talk to communicate, just holding each other, being there for eachother, said a lot more than words could. Even if it was for a little bit before Mrs. Weasley’s owl landed with a thud against the window of the room. George sighed as he flicked his wrist to the window and the bird came in. He sat up a little to get the letter and give the bird a treat before it headed off again.


“Mum is expecting us soon,” George said softly after reading the letter. “I’d rather not remember this day, this day that took the lives of many” He said gently. “It's just a tragedy” He couldn’t look at Hermione again, but he could feel her moving so she could rest her cheek against his shoulder. He could feel the tears prickling at the corner of his eyes again. Closing his eyes, he willed them away.


“Sometimes the worst tragedies we endure in life aren’t physical ones, but ones that leave an impact” She said softly as she snaked her arm around his waist, holding him close. “But sometimes, out of every tragedy comes new strength” George looked over his shoulder and down at her. She was right. Out of the tragic day, moving forward since then, had brought them together. Everything they endured since that day, led them being together. Lead them both happily together. Both finally able to love freely.


“I love you Ms. Granger” He said as he spun around and took her by the waist. “I have loved you for such a long time” Since before his fifth year. He laid on the bed again, pulling Hermione to him, wrapping the blanket around them as he wrapped an arm around her waist. He hated this day, for many reasons. He had barely survived the fatal day, he hated that he had to relive it every year since then. But with Hermione by his side, he knew he could get through it. He could get through anything with her.


“We are healing. We’ve been healing. We’ll get better and when we remember the day, it won’t be with misery, it’ll be a lesson.” Hermione whispered as she looked at her soon to be husbands face. George looked down at her, a soft smile on his face. “No matter what life throws at us” He whispered “We’ll make it through. You're a bright witch, along with my goofy self, I know I can help ease your stress with whatever comes our way” He knew, when he would need her seriousness, she would be there.

Through tragedy they were together. Through tragedy they found each other. They were mending each other. And in love
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