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11/24/2021 07:18 PM 

Drabble/Sample/Prompt: Adoption.


The dark-haired loner continued to get ready for a new day of work. The digital clock ticking away on her bedside table only revealed the time being 6 am. It was clear from whatever job she took over that she had to work more in the morning than nighttime. On a good day, Eliza would say that was true - in this case, she was planning on working from six to whatever time her last customer left. It was the best of both worlds. Sometimes you get the nasty people with the good or just one of them.

Her own apartment was within her own workplace, which left her with easy access. Someone might say this whole early morning timetable was unnecessary. She would tell them to f*** off and mind their own business instead. The small loft apartment was more basic than the pub owner showed in her daily appearance. Eliza looked like some rich snob, ready to spend everything she had in her handbag. It might have been true, if not for her own peace of mind.

Eliza swung a black and white hand back over her arm. Lifting her mobile phone in the other, too busy staring to notice the time itself. She was on time. Her two-floor building was easy to move around, with it being one floor. Her bedroom in the back with a small bedside and dresser with her wardrobe. Small but simple, from there a small hallway moved her to a bright white-walled kitchen and living room. A sort of bar and stool set up behind the counter was her dining room. Eliza believed she would not be inviting people soon. She stood by that fact. Behind was a kitchen of silver and wooden cupboards on the wall. Her living room was to the left of it, two steps down, with a small couch and coffee table and somehow a wide-screen television. Behind that, an open space for her office, and bathroom.

Strolling by her long mirror by the door to her home. She paused and straightened the white blazer on her person. A slight glimpse of a black lacy bralette. Her tight leather pants and white high heel pumps only improved this. Eliza leaned forward and narrowed her eyes, checking the make-up in the reflection. Brown and gold eye shadow complimented her blue-hazel eyes, while her lips were painted red. Pressing her lips together, she leaned back and walked outside the house, locking the door behind her before going down a set of stairs for the bottom floor.

By this time, it’s empty. Her pub was a combination of a restaurant; bar and dance floor with some fun karaoke. At the start, her adoptive more only had the first two. Then Eliza took over and, well... She needed the money and will put in the work. Years later, it paid off well enough. She was helping with workers learning the ropes and pulling their own weight when she took time off or had to leave town.

Eliza looked around her bar when she walked inside, marveling that this was all about her and not her mother. It was sad. She loved her even with her not being her actual mother. No doubt she was the one who loved her the most. Blood was strong, but she found that family was nothing but a waste of time. Especially when you just trust them with no idea of who they are. She didn’t want to go into a relationship like that and preferred her peace.

Eliza stepped back into the stairway and switch on the lights on the box behind the stairs. Purple lights switch-on in combination with the round roof above the bar. A set of stool tables sat behind them, with her bar filled with drinks from the latest orders. The restaurant was further past the bar where a set of red boots sat against the walls with small tables with normal seats with red cushions. Her dance floor was in the center of the room, with a stage and karaoke station ready to be used.

Once the lights were on, she walked back in and sat on a stool where some paperwork was scattered in two piles. Eliza puffed her cheeks out and sighed. “Bills, bills...” she muttered in annoyance, her hazel eyes taking in the information. A morning filled with signing her money away. What could go wrong?


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