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11/24/2021 12:25 PM 


FIRST THINGS FIRST: Any individual that makes another feel uncomfortable by pushing personal boundaries or making things that should be in character about personal needs, will be removed from the group. Period. I'm tired of how normal some of you find it to mix your ooc wants with ic and then when someone is completely and utterly confused and annoyed, you people resort to gaslighting. No, and I mean NO, thank you.

Two: Seeking individuals who are either familiar with the tv show The OC or are willing to watch it (available to watch on Hulu and HBO Max). This group is original characters based on the parents backstories, because we can have the freedom to do our own thing with the backstories that I find pretty interesting if you pay attention to the show. Face claims will be up to writers, but I am happy to give suggestions. It is not mandatory that you keep the character's last name but all characters will likely keep the first names. (Unless you have a better idea.)

Three: All writers must be 25+. There are heavy themes within this show and I need people who are mature enough to explore them but also mature enough to know that mature content doesn't mean smut 24/7.

Four: Please keep the drama for the characters! There's really so much to unpack with these roles, and I really believe if we can all keep it ic we can have a great time with this.

Five: Regarding face claims, each one needs approval from the moderator. We want to make sure you have enough content as well as the face claim matches the character. Thank you!

If you have any questions, feel free to inbox us. Samples are more than welcome but long pieces are not required, though I would love to see at least a short character study piece of your view of the character.


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