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11/24/2021 12:09 PM 

Shipping Rules

Shipping Rules.

Let's get one thing straight, asking me to ship isn't the way to ship with me. Neither are photo comments or even banter. There is like one way to get me to ship so quickly and that is to take the role I give out. Which would either be from the show supernatural or something original. Another thing. It isn't just me who will work on this. Should you ask for something supernatural - I would be happy if you had a perfect idea for one. Even then, there is one face I would take and that will be said if you ask in messages or comments.

*There is over one ship folks, not just romance - relationships that didn't work out happen. I will go all out for connections - just keep in mind that the main ship is selective.

* I will not ship with someone I don't know or don't like the look of personally. Chances are the supernatural verse or show is your best bet - then again, the face could change all that.

* Original characters will need to work more for shipping, sorry. I go through the same thing.

*Chemistry is the best way to change my mind for everything and you're welcome to the challenge, just don't get your hopes up.


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