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11/24/2021 10:34 PM 



I know these guidelines can be really annoying, but for me, this is really something I have to put out there. Otherwise, certain people are going to annoy me left and right. At least then, when I tell anyone off, they can’t complain. I warned you; these are not something you HAVE to read or follow. Just a simple guide, you know?

No need to sign!


- I have a life. We all have a life away from this website. I don’t come here so someone can create drama or force me to write back to them. I understand it being a close connection or something - and when the time comes that person will get some extra treatment from me, but that has never happened and to do that we have to actually write. As for the rest of you? I do what I can when I can. I really don’t like being pressured into anything. We all have our issues, but mine is being pressured and frustrated and then being upset because of that alone. Please. Do. Not. Rush. Me.

- My time isn’t so limited like some on here. I try to even out what I can do and can’t do. If possible, you will wait maybe a week or two - then I might bring out a message or comment of reassurance if not a reply on that day. You will either have to be happy with that or be unhappy and move on.

- I don’t take well to bad vibes, when you’re clear on the stream and cussing people out, it can leave a terrible impression on people. For one, you don’t know if they’re being lazy or if something happened in their life. I think we should all respect each other and just give them that time and space to do what they can. If they don’t want to write with you, it will come up or their account will vanish. Simple as that, right? Either way, it is your choice on how long you can give it to them. Should they try to add you back, be open to it one more time. I can’t tell you to do this, but it is my suggestion.

- I have this big pet peeve about people sending gifs just so they can flirt. Even then, just the flirting puts me in an uncomfortable place. To be clear, even if I was in character. I would NOT flirt back and it would be a greeting to get this moving on. Trying to flirt before the story will get you nowhere and I would only do that with her main ship, anyway. Sorry!

- I started writing when people actually felt eager to discuss with everyone, so doing random starters without asking is very... Odd. I could do it myself, but I guess I prefer keeping things perfect or even just knowing what someone wanted or didn’t want. Just so I don’t have to back and fix it. I won’t ask to do that, but for the love of god at least answer the f***ing greeting. I can’t stand not at least greeting everyone first. It just seems so... Disrespectful to not say something.

- I won’t delete a soul. Unless you’ve hurt me on here, then you can kiss your ass goodbye. I believe we are all writers and should accept each other — if not for writing, then just being there for the drabbles and sharing. If you don’t think like that, then fine, but I do.

-I don’t go below paragraph, but I do have a love for more when I can. The novella is a dream to me, but just a multi-paragraph is fine.

-I have a horrible memory, so if I show I can’t remember something or get it wrong. Please correct me in the nicest way possible. No need to be rude.

- She is a single ship, but this isn’t first come first serve. First, we write and then we see where it goes, otherwise, it will just end up going badly. I love Moira, but on her profile, she only will go with someone from the show and I have certain choices that I think would fit. You can ask for all you want. Or even inquire about the role. Just don’t think I will hand it to you on a silver platter.

- Not a fan of blank profiles, it is very hard to work with them without having the information on both sides. I also don’t enjoy being put on the spot when they ask for help. That shouldn’t be up to me unless I know you or have a need for a role. My roles are usually on another face anyway, sorry. But don’t ask me for help unless it’s a full role change. Also, this doesn’t count from show-related characters — I mean being blank is fine in that case.

- Not looking for perfection, just enough to read. I know mine isn’t perfect, no need to point that out. If you can’t handle that, well... No one is forcing you to write with me.

- That being said, I don’t mind anyone doing character greetings or anything, I just think it is easier to be outside of character when greeting and discussion? If you haven’t noticed, Moira is a bitch, so I don’t think you want to talk to that for the entire time. I could dial it down, but where is the fun in that...? Point is, you should never assume. These are here to help.

- Now sex-based writing... I realize some people take pride in that sort of thing. I just don’t think Eliza is going to fit in something always based on that. No offense, but her relationships are seeing them sleeping, and sneaking out. That isn’t fitting for the usual girl who falls for every blasted boy on the f***ing street - again no offense. Not Eliza, sorry!

- I also can write it if I wanted to, but to be truthful. If the character isn’t Eliza type, then you ain’t getting sh*t. Again, so sorry, not sorry, maybe a little? But yeah. That’s how it goes for her in the end.

- I can be a bitch myself and blunt. The chances are of you hearing me do this is fifty, trust me. All I ask is that you tell me when I go too far instead of running away with a tail between your f***ing legs. I understand, but it pisses me off to no end because I don’t know what I said wrong. Being blunt online is pretty easy for me.

-Onto genres, what I do is basically away from killing off my character. I can do a thriller, hell I can do horror, but that must not KILL the girl I have to write. I still have yet to understand why you would even do that. I much prefer to keep the story going, you know, unless I can bring her back. Then, by all means, kill her, but things like that should be discussed. I enjoy dark themes. After all, Eliza has a slight evil streak that could become more depending on where the story goes. I also imagine she is a great victim for certain people out there - I have certain triggers though, so you have to be clear on the dark and mature side of things.


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