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11/23/2021 01:03 PM 

!x! Aunt May

"You need to wake up! I can't do this without you!"

So cold, the filthy floor, her battered body, and her conscious mind were all; cold. How had she come to this? The last thing she recalled was receiving an urgent call from Peter's Aunt succinctly stating that something was amiss. Someone was allegedly taking Superheroes, Anti-heroes, Vigilantes, Mutants, and Mutates alike. The sound of her frantic voice, on the phone, was only mirrored by the wild, worried, and almost unhinged thought processes entering May's mind during said call.

It was distinctive, the musical notes that, suddenly, came into aural, violent manifestation. That was when there was a terrific bang, then the harsh sound of May screaming as the phone clacked to the floor and, suddenly, there was silence. Over the phone and through her link into May's conscious mind. After a breathless moment; the distinct sound of labored breathing could be overheard on the other end of the personal call before she heard a deep, masculine voice with a tinge of grit to his tone speaking to her from May's, discarded mobile phone. "We know who this is, you cannot cunningly hide from us, Miss Maximoff. Your signature output is like a radiation field," the man said impatiently. As if on cue, Wanda could hear a mirroring sound at her own front door as it was kicked open.

She promptly put up the good fight, using her Magicks with apparent impunity. When all was scarcely said and done, Wanda had taken out five of their men but, in the melee, she lost sight of one of her attackers and, as she carefully turned to detect him? Something unusually substantial came down onto the side of her neck and head; striking her in the brachial plexus. There was a bright, ghastly light that radiated out and then shut with a snap behind her eyes. Alas, the scant comfort of pure darkness naturally took her over and she was out cold well before her unconscious body dropped with a loud thud onto the wooden floor below her feet.

Not sure how much critical time had gone by, but when she awoke? Ugh, the acute pain was searing, especially behind her eyes. A sensitive mouth, that felt too wide on her left side was suffocating in a cottony dryness that Wanda didn't think the Nile could ever purge. Inchmeal, she sat up, and it dawned on her why. Recalling, very distantly, the feeling of being shaken so wildly that she thought she could be entrapped in one of those Shake n' Bake bags. The operative words trailed through her subconscious and up through to her waking, panicked mind.

"You need to wake up! I can't do this without you," it was May's voice. Her familiar tone was laced with well-founded fear, panic, and a subtle hint of anarchical strength. Wanda's pain-sickened mind was furthermore,  bombarded by May's thoughts. Through them, Wanda could track a path from her call with May to their landing here; wherever here even was?

All she could identify was a dirty truck where they were both laying with May begging Wanda to wake the f*** up. Next, they were dragged out of said truck very unceremoniously. Sore backs of heads, shapely shoulders, and tailbones were knocked against the metal railing as they were pulled free to be draped over strong arms and into the bleak, cold building. Moments later, to be just as unceremoniously dumped onto a concrete floor with dried puddles of ichor that sufficiently showed the abandoned buildings past as a meat-cutting plant.

Wanda groaned heavily and naturally went to stroke her sore head to pull her hand back, just to find a caking of dried blood and dirt that had settled onto her neck and into her scarlet locks. It dawned on her then; why the hell was her hands free? That is when she felt the cold metal contraption, that she so loathed, tightly wrapped around her slender throat. Shiny, with a brilliant red light in the middle. They had cuffed her for her powers but had not thought to set her into a straight jacket? It must have been because they were just deposited and weren't counting on her to be awake; not just yet.

There was no time; Wanda dearly wanted to confer earnestly with May but did not want to give away that she was awake just yet. Plus, the possible intrusion of her, suddenly, forcing herself into May's mind might be a dead giveaway. She possessed no time. Without a word, Wanda moved over to carefully touch May on the arm. A tiny wisp of red fire extended out of her right index finger as she implanted it right onto the inner part of her arm; producing a faint, scarlet mark. As she carefully looked at the other woman; she could instantly see as her powers manifested from that touch and ran furiously up the other woman's arm in red flames, up her chest and neck, and over her face. At that point, there was a mini pulse as it manifested into her eyes. They flashed a brilliant, cherry color and faded swiftly.

It was then that Wanda laid back down to play opossum as she clamored, through her debilitating migraine, to typically force all the millions of voices and thoughts she heard on a regular basis to fade away until it only magnified her own voice and May's in each of their heads."Act naturally, May. We can not allow them to know I am conscious, yet. Seeing as they have only cuffed me and not confined me up in a straight jacket. At this point, my powers only work on a minute scale. I can barely access your mind but if we plan this right, we may be fit to get out of this. Find a phone, something to promptly notify Clint and the other Avengers that we are here. Gently squeeze my fingers if you understand?"

While she waited eagerly, Wanda cautiously opened her eyes and did her best to desperately attempt to get a feeling of the dingy room they were in. It appeared that two armed men were undoubtedly standing by the private door. Only to be seen by the backs of their heads through the glass of the principal door as they spoke passionately to one another. Who could they be? Wanda could exclusively think of one person that desired her this badly; Hayward. Which meant that SWORD might also be in play. But, she recognized her prominent role in this terrible game but what about Peter? There had to be more to it, but she purely retained that one, infinitesimal piece of the puzzle; outside of herself, of course. Then again, why May? It smelled to Wanda as if there might be either a cover-up or something way worse; but what, she did not know.

Laying there, assuredly doing her best to mimic the exact way that she was splayed onto the ground when they forcibly threw her here; something dawned on her. May mentioned that others, like herself and Peter, were going missing. Now, she undoubtedly had something to ruminate on as she carefully saved what little strength she, fortunately, had to submit to May the right questions.

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