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A Beacon of Hell

It was strange to think he was retired. Stiles was retired from active field operation as a CIA operative. He requested and received a permanent assignment back home and Beacon Hills. There was a reason behind it. The reason was pretty solid. His longtime girlfriend and love of his life was carrying his child. Stiles wanted to be around for that child, so that meant field operation needed to come to a halt. He didn't tell anyone but as part of his deal to remain home, Stiles agreed to become a trainer for new agents. New agents would be sent to him in Beacon Hills before they were sent off on new assignments.

Lydia and Stiles found a nice home near the Beacon Hills Preserve. There was still quite a bit of moving to do from their home back in McLean Virginia. For now, they had quite a bit of furniture that had been given to them by friends as a housewarming present and some that were bought by the two of them alone. This new home even had an extra bedroom that Lydia could turn into a nursery for their unborn child. He loved how she was positively glowing. She was going to be an amazing mother and he knew it. His father was excited about the birth of his future grandchild. His father was spending a lot of time with Lydia's mother as of late. The two of them had much to bond over. Stiles didn't want to think about it but his dad was a lonely man. He honestly couldn't blame his dad for finding companionship with Lydia's mother.

Today was a good day however. In their new house, the two of them were going to have a gender reveal party for their new baby. Everything in the new house was decorated in pink and blue. She was the queen of the castle and he was happy to give her everything she wanted. To have a peaceful time in Beacon Hills was a rare occurrence. He tried to stay out of the way while she was organizing everything. She was in her element and he dared not get in her way.

A Beacon of Hell
attn: Lydia, Allison
mordacious /Stiles Stilinski/1702728
Invitations had been sent to all their friends. It was going to be a wonderful time. At least a wonderful night was being planned that night. The CIA trainer and former field operative was just a normal human guy who just so happened to know that there were monsters in this world and how to handle them. He felt a cold chill race down his spine. It was almost like the feeling that some said you get when someone walks across your grave. It was an urban legend but given that this was Beacon Hills, anything could happen. He walked towards the front of the house and peeled back the curtain. Nothing seemed wrong at the moment, but there was something nagging at him. Maybe it was because he'd been living in Beacon Hills for far too long.

Now that they lived at the edge of the Beacon Hills Preserve, he knew in the back of his mind that the Nemeton was nearby. With a long time history of it being a magnet for all things evil and Supernatural, he could never really rest. Moving back home was the right thing to do. Instead of running around the world to find and fight trouble, he had trouble in his backyard literally.

There was nothing he could see at first. The dense canopy of trees nearby hid most of what could be seen. He just been doing this so long that when his instincts told him something was wrong, they usually were right. He didn't want Lydia to start worrying about anything, so he kept it to himself. He was thankful however that he was always armed. Lydia would not be very happy with him if he had his weapon on him while they were trying to host this party. He had it nearby where he could access it in a moment's notice. For security reasons however, she compromised with him by letting him have a knife on him, usually hidden away where only he knew where it was. He'd gotten to be a bit more cynical as he got older. Given all that he'd seen in his life, who could blame him?

At the moment everything seemed quiet. He was vigilant. He was on guard. He wasn't going to ruin this moment just for a feeling. They still had more guests that were on their way and he had to turn on the charm as the father to be. If he ruined this, then he'd have to deal with an angry pregnant banshee. Somehow that just didn't appeal to him. He was still stealing glances outside as he was able to do so. He was going to be prepared no matter what.

credit: james kriet


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