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| Davina Theano |
Category: Resources

[ D A V I N A     T H E A N O ]

[ O V E R V I E W ]

[Name:] Davina Theano
[Nickname:] Avi, Vina
[Age:] 26 (Could be played as older or younger)
[Species:] Human
[Height:] 5’3
[Accent?:] English

[ P H Y S I C A L ]
[Hair color:] Strawberry Blonde
[Eye color:] Green
[Skin tone:] Light olive
[Height:] 5'3
[Tattoos:] None
[Scars:] Plenty from battle, most are small

[ H E A L T H ]
[Drinks:] Yes
[Mental disorders:] None
[Physical disorders:] None
[Food Allergies:] None
[Fitness:] Very fit

[ B A S I C S ]
[Personality:] Davina is very sweet, but she is incredibly guarded and may even come off as cold. She knows exactly what she wants, though she refuses to let anyone in for fear of losing them or having them hurt her. While Davina is specially trained in combat and is a very skilled fighter, she wants justice and peace for the world, wanting to put an end to war. Her family emblem is a tiger, their bloodline having used to have a special bond with the animals, gifting tigers to their children to bond with and grow up with. That came to an end when these animals became misused to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies and were killed. Deep down, Davina has a soft spot and is genuinely a kind, gentle, and patient girl. She has been through quite a bit in her lifetime and is well guarded.


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