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10/15/2021 03:01 PM 


"So, Cameron, where do you stand?" 

The calm authority in Sophia's tone called for Cameron's attention, and while the patience was there, as always, there was also an unexpected note of desperation that peaked through, causing the hair on the back of Cameron's neck to rise up. The re-appearance of Thatcher was clearly taking more a toll on her sister than she'd anticipated and it was curious. This wasn't the life Cameron had envisioned for herself when she sought out her sister or when she left her first location in New York. Seattle was meant to be the start of a new life, one free of pain and loss, one she could give to her daughter and things had gone horribly off course. As the seconds ticked on, she knew her sister needed an answer, her patience wearing thin with each melodic tap of her fingers against the cool wooden surface of her desk. For a moment, Cameron's mind drifted to series of events that led them here, and as she found her sisters gaze, she brought back to center. She was here for her and for the home she always craved and no home, no family was perfect, right? 

Slowly, Cameron's gaze dragged from her daughter, who sat quietly in her lap, to her sister as she sat opposite of them at her desk and back again. With a breath, Cameron hoisted her daughter into the air placed her the right before pushing up from her own seat and crouching down to meet the little girl at eye level. Coiling a finger around a loose strand of Josephine's curls, a faint smile tugged at the corner of Cameron's lips. 

"What do you think, Jo? We are dedicated to Auntie Soph, right? Sanctum is home?" Cameron asked, green orbs washing over the five year old, whose opinion held more weight than Cameron dared to ever let anyone know.

"Sanctum is home." the girl repeated, before breaking free of her mother and darting around to her aunt, forcing her way onto Sophia's lap as they both let out a string of sweet laughs. 

Standing tall, a comfortable smile rested on Camerons face and she reiterated. "Sanctum is home."


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