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Payment Due
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The sun began to slowly peak up over the horizon. The shaft of light splintered as it crossed the window pane of the unobtrusive little cabin in the French countryside. Buried within a canopy of trees, no one could actually see that there was something there unless they were looking hard enough. As the light invaded the cabin, the occupant was nowhere to be seen.

In a clearing behind the cabin, there was a petite blonde with her golden strands tied behind her head. Cerulean hues were closed as her chest rose and fell with each breath. It was a perfect lotus position that gave her a clear mind and uncluttered thoughts. Tiny steps of a 3 month old puppy were the only thing that made her open one single eye. "Fanny. What have you gotten into now?" The woman's voice was etched with a decidedly Russian accent.

The sweet little puppy looked at her with an innocence that made the Russian female melt. "You do this on purpose. I know you do." Yelena Belova, former Russian Spy and Black Widow unfurled herself stepping silently with bare feet toward the entrance to the cabin. The puppy followed her nipping at her heels.

The shaft of light penetrating the window had splintered off into a mini rainbow that left a vast array of color on a spotless floor. It was this point that Belova walked through letting the light wrap around her body. She passed a very expensive dossier she'd been able to obtain through her old KGB contacts about one General Thaddeus Ross. She stopped for a moment to glance at it. Several digits moved the pieces around. Ross had been the bastard who had stopped her family reunion with his damned Sokovia Accords. She wasn't about to let this go by unanswered.

The puppy yipped at her with a tiny little voice. "I'm coming! I'm coming!" Yelena continued walking toward the pup to tend to her needs. She reached into a cupboard that looked like it had been there since 1957 and pulled out a bag of kibble. Her eyes continue to dirt back toward the dossier on Ross that was laying open. She went through the motions of feeding the pup while her mind was focused elsewhere.

There was already a food dish and a water dish sitting in a particular spot on the kitchen floor. She took the puppy kibble and poured it in the bowl. The happy little dog gladly started to eat the food laid out before her. The blonde started to fold up the bag to put it away again. She was going to have to leave France within the next two days. She couldn't bring the puppy with her for what she had in mind. Fortunately she had a friend that would look in on the baby without asking any questions.

It had been a year since the Avengers had made a mess of Sokovia. There was a big monument that was being dedicated to the survivors of what had transpired there. The US government was making a big show in order to support the people there and to make the Avengers look bad. This only irritated her more. Ross had been the bastard that chased her sister away from her and their family. She would never forgive him for that.

The argument could be made that if Natasha had called her then the whole episode of Berlin would have been avoided. After all, two Black Widows were better than one. That was a moot point. What was done was done. What was in the past she couldn't affect. She sure as hell could affect the future. That was why she had to go to Sokovia. Ross is going to be there. She didn't care how important he was. It wasn't like she hadn't assassinated a government official before.

She had no idea where her sister was at the moment. Even as she prepared to leave, she faced the very real possibility that her sister would appear out of nowhere and try to talk her down from what she was going to do. There was no contract. There was no order. This particular hit was personal. Thaddeus Ross had destroyed far too many lives. She knew her family wasn't the only one that would be glad to see him go.

She moved to the refrigerator that look like it had been there since 1976. Reaching inside she pulled out a bottle of beer. She unscrewed the cap and started to sip on it. Making these plans had been a better part of her objective for the past year. It was about to come to a head. She couldn't let anything or anyone stop her now. Thaddeus Ross must die by her hand. It was only fitting that it would be at the place where all this began: Sokovia.
The truth rarely makes sense when you omit key details.
credit: james kriet


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