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Landslide Drabble


"I took my love and i took it down.. i climbed a mountain and i turned around." When stevie began to sing Lindsey realised one thing when they had been in Aspen he had left her in an argument a rage before he took off in a rage. "I've been afraid of changin' 'cause i've bulit my life around you." The tears welled up in his eyes she had told him not to say anything at first before she had sat him down with her own guitar and and sang the very song to him, it was as subtile hint that she had been thinking about walking away from him who could blame her he was immature smoking blunts, always playing guitar  while she was working three jobs just to support them.Lindsey didn't blame Stevie one bit for considering packing up and walking from him for good while he was out touring with the Everly Brothers of course he lived and create passionate music but Stephanie Nicks?

The tears that had welled up in her eyes caused him anxiety, anxiety that  she had made her mind up about leaving him had he caused her this much pain to sit him down and play to sing him this most tender song. his chest rose he stopped breathing at this point he hung his head Had she beed really thinking all this time since they got back from Aspen  that she was considering to staying school, break up with him? he needed her more than anything "can I handle the seasons of my life?"  he bit down on his lip  to keep him from crying in front of her was she really walking away if she did he was scared sh*tless to be independent  without her who was going to push him to be his very best. "linds?" he hadn't realised the song had been over his eyes had cried in-front of her, her hands had cupped his face  wiping his tears "Liddy buck.. I love you, I can't do this life without you I'm scared of doing life without you, but... something has to change i can't keep going through this cycle."  What cycle was she talking about  her petite body had straddled his lap to comfort him.

I've been afraid of changin' i've built my life around you.. I took my love and i took it down

The cycle of fighting leaving and making her think they were at no point of return if they broke up she would return back to college and continue to work. Which meant Lindsey had to change a lot of things. He couldn't let her walk out that door tonight or ever, so he wasn't the most perfect soul but he was her equal team member this was the wake up call he needed It couldn't be just her busting her butt while he stayed up working on material and working at the coffee plant later on when she would have time to eat after working a double shift. "I'm sorry" He said barely above a whisper as she ran her hands through his curly hair pressing herself against him before wrapping her arms around his neck nestling her face into his neck, "steph don't you walk out that door.." he shook he couldn't calm himself down at this point but her touch seemed to be calming him down little by little it was true their relationship was crumbling and the only attempt at this he knew was two things it had been clear she had been talking to Jess, her father.  whom had given her some options of course this didn't surprise him, It didn't surprise Lindsey any more that she couldn't talk to him without the pair getting up in each-other's faces time and time again. he wanted to eventually marry her and to start a family with in the near future how many times had he pressed and she wasn't ready, they ween't even secure with money at this point she had told him that time and time again.

Oh mirror in the sky what is love can the child in my heart rise above?

Of course he was questioning if he woke up tomorrow would she still be laying next to him at night or would she be gone? would she move back home, would she go back to college and forget about him or the coffee plant where Lindsey's dad had graciously allowed the couple to record demos for the duet album. surviving without her was the last thing he wanted to do she kept his head above water supported him with his addiction to Marijuana, if that meant surviving without her that meant having to fend for himself. " Curls, say something please? say something.."she hugged him tighter he squeezed her back keeping his arms around her petite waist "okay..I can't what if you do leave.." Stevie pulled back using her thumb to make the male's blue hues to look at her "Lindsey Adams, I don't want to leave I love you you know that baby.I just maybe.. but, i am not leaving you."

Well well, the landslide will bring it down.


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