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10/13/2021 10:46 PM 

AC 13.

"Mick, I need to know that your loyalty is with us. We need to know that your loyalty is with us."

Mick's gaze lifted up to Phoebe as she corrected herself and it became clear to him that Sophia sent her to him, in hopes of reaching a softer side. Perhaps, in hopes of possibly getting him to recommit to them, by thinking she would be the one to get the answer out of him, given their past. What Sophia hadn't counted on, was Mick's misplaced frustration and blame about Milo. She didn't know that he blamed the leaders as much as he blamed himself, but not quite as much as he blamed Thatcher. Time and time again, he had spoken out against Thatcher, and time and time again, they turned a blind eye because he could never be the monster Mick and a few others made him out to be. Until he showed them that he was entirely capable of becoming so much more. Now, they were asking for Mick to recommit his loyalty to the bastards who allowed him to keep breathing.

Staring at the blonde before him, he felt at ease. Calm. Not that it had anything to do with the present company, but more of the workshops he went to, strictly out of boredom. They stressed forgiveness and inner peace. Mick finally found the key to his forgiveness was to find his inner peace and he was only going to find that peace one way. With vengeance. For the first time since Milo's death, Mick stopped relying so heavily on the bottle and put all that energy into one thing - killing Thatcher. Of course, he couldn't do that when so much of Thatcher was right where he was. Thatcher was stitched into the heart of The Organization, so to get to him, he needed to stay. Milo needed him to stay.

"So, Mick. Where does your loyalty lie?"

With Milo. Those words were on the tip of his tongue, but he bit them back so he didn't instill fear within the leaders. Straightening his posture, his throat clearing, he looked at Phoebe and chewed on the inside of his cheek. Everything inside of him wanted to lash out at her and repeatedly beat the fact that none of this would have happened had they taken action sooner, into her skull. Instead, he swallowed his pride, looked her dead in the eyes, and forced a cordial smile, "My loyalty is with The Organization." A lie that pushed him one step towards his peace.


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