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10/13/2021 09:26 PM 

Announcement: New Changes

Before I begin this just know that I truly do cherish each one of you. You're ideas are always brilliant, your drabs are simply amazing, and your edits are truly beautiful. Those I have had the pleasure of writing with, you guys have been simply wonderful and it's been a lot of fun. With that said, I have something to say and many of you may not like it... Some of you may not even see this and will question things later. To all of you who may be upset by what I have to say, I'm sorry... I truly am. 

I have had this character since the early 2000s. She has been in many different verses, written with a lot of different people, and had some awesome stories created with some really amazing people. As much as I love creating new stories with her and seeing where my writing partners and I can take our chosen paths, I think the time has come for a new change. When I first placed her in the MCU/DC/SPN verses there were so many wonderful people willing to write and create, some stories came quite a ways and some never got past the first post. Now, there are no more stories to explore with her. I understand inspiration dries up and real life comes first, my own life is hectic as hell right now with trying to find a new job and my family members going through different medical procedures. Still, I find it hard to stay hopeful that she will ever have new adventures so... It is with a heavy heart that I must bid her on-site stories a goodbye.
I will be deleting all messages and comments relating to current stories in the coming days, so that if I ever do return to writing stories then they will be with a fresh start and a fresh mind. If I have any stories going on Discord, they will stay where they are and will not be changed. This changes only applies to the site, Discord will be unaffected. From this day on, I will only be focusing on posting drabs and edits as inspiration allows. I'll also post open statuses so anyone can join in if they wish. I may decide to return to writing stories with people in the future but for now it's getting hard to keep the optimisim alive and I feel it's time for a break. 

I will also be doing a friend sweep... I know there are a few of you who have been there for me the longest, so you will all be safe. Everyone else I will have to go through and see where my feelings fall. If we haven't spoken in a long time or I don't even remember adding you, then I cannot promise that you will be safe. I do treasure everyone I meet and talk with at some point but, as I've stated several times already, remaining hopeful is hard. I've tried to stay hopeful that people will want to write, that they'll come back from hiatus or breaks...but the longer times goes on, the harder it gets. I am a very patient person, as many of you know with how long I'm willing to wait for responses or messages in general, but even I have my limits. I truly do love you all and want nothing but the best for you, but there comes a time when I must value my own thoughts and feelings above my patience level and this seems to be one of those times. 

I'm sorry if this message upsets anyone, I'm sorry if I've ever hurt you or done something to make you not want to write, I'm sorry if I've ever hurt anyone in any way without realizing it. I'm just sorry... 

If you don't have my discord by now, you're probably not going to get it... I'm very selective with it and I'm sorry for that. 

I'll be giving it a couple days before I make the change completely. Saving everything will take time, and that gives everyone a chance to read this... 

Remember... I love you all but this is what I feel needs to happen. I've been patient, I've put others first for so long and now I feel it's time to put me and my wants and needs first. I honestly have been thinking about this for several months now but have been waiting to see if things changed... This was not a emotional decision and not an easy one to make. If I ever do decide to write with people again, to create new stories and adventures, then I will be just as selective with who and why as I am with my discord. 

I've had this character for so long that I do not intend to delete her and I do not want to put her on hiatus as I have done with my other one. So I will be trying this change first to see if things improve. If not, then a hiatus may be needed. Only time will tell for sure.

So... That's it. That's all I wanted to say. 


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