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10/12/2021 02:05 PM 

Loss of faith

The soft sound of a piano playing filled the Warren home. It was still early morning, none of the Warrens should have been awake yet but one was, Lorraine. Only hours earlier she and Ed had arrived home after a very trying case. The demonic cases always left Lorraine shaken. Left her faith wounded, left her wondering why God would allow such evil to roam the Earth. Thoughts like this were dangerous, could weaken her and leave her vulnerable. So she tried to ignore them with music. Lorraine had always loved music and was very talented at the piano.

Sitting alone her fingers busily worked, dancing across the keys producing the soft melody. She was playing the only song she felt like playing at the moment, one of her favorites, Hallelujah. Given how she was feeling she thought it was a fitting song.

Lorraine stopped her playing when she felt two hands on her shoulders. She wasn't startled, she knew who it was. She felt Ed press a gentle kiss to her head before speaking. "Not that I don't love your playing... but it is 6 am." He said sitting beside her, his back to the keys. He gave a small but tired smile.

"I'm sorry if I woke you." She said quietly, the two shared a look for a moment. Lorraine didn't even need to explain what was wrong or that she needed this distraction. Nodding Ed turned to face the piano. "Start again?" He asked. Silently Lorraine again began the song, Ed taking a few moments before he joined in.

Softly he began singing along to the song, Ed had always had such a wonderful voice. As Lorraine played and Ed sang that dark and hopeless almost angry feelings Lorraine had been feeling were melting away, being filled with a new sense of hope. That maybe there were things to still be thankful for. God wasn't allowing evil to ravage the world. He was trying to save it, with something as simple as Lorraine's gift.

By the time Lorraine had finished, she was crying silently. Again Ed didn't question this. Instead, he put an arm around her and kissed her temple. There were no words to be said, the couple simply sat holding each other, truly taking a moment to recover from all the darkness they had been exposed to over their last case.


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