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"Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen…"

"No, Miss Frost! She's a pirate!" Piped up the child. Chubby little fingers gripping her blanket, as Vika gazed up at Emma Frost with large, luminous purple eyes.

Emma regarded the small child with a half smile.

"Very well. We'll split the difference. Once upon a time, there was beautiful pirate queen…" Emma gave pause, waiting for the approval from what would seem her biggest critic at the moment. The little girl nodded in approval. "She was the fiercest of scallywags, well versed in the way of the sword and sea." The White Queen gave a swift thrust with in an imaginary sword before coming to sit on the child's bed.

She was the most fiercest of pirates who commanded an impressive fleet ("I supposed that makes her Commodore?") and countless minions across the seas. But she was not the only overlord of the oceans. There were many dangers when one lived the life of a privateer; the ocean herself was a dangerous companion, bellow her depths lurked the most dreadful of creatures…("And mermaids?" "Yes, dear, and mermaids.")…and those who also made a life upon the waters. A pirate queen HAD to know who was friend and who was foe. One such foe was a slimy ratscallion by the name Black Hearted Shaw…n. Black Hearted Shawn, another privateer who was not be trusted and rival to our hero. Lucky for the pirate queen, she had inherited a crystal ball that helped her reveal people's deepest, most secretive thoughts.

Among those she counted on as her friends was…("The mermaid?")…the merman Namo..ok. Namook. As well as a the seafaring Prince Scooter…("Are they in love, Ms. Frost?" "NO! *ahem* No, dear.")..who, while obnoxiously do-good in nature, tended to end up helping the pirate queen on her escapades. And a wizard with a magic carpet. He, too, had a crystal with which he could see people's inner thoughts. ("He also wore a ridiculous hat to hide his baldness." ("Ms. Frost! That's not very nice.")

Standing proudly on the deck of her spotless ship, the Pirate Queen looked out across the sparkling sea at the port of her adopted home, Krakoona. Krakoona was a giant sea monster with a paradise island growing on it's back. And if her crystal ball was at all accurate--as it most often was--the city seemed happy and at peace. It was nice to be home. With the winds to their back, the Marauder slipped effortlessly into port. The city was already bustling in the early morning light. Dockhands scurried to aid the newly arrived ship at the bark of the harbormaster. That land was an amazing mixture of life. Minotaurs, centaurs, pixies, and wizards; there was no shortage of magic on this island.

Descending the gangway, Emma paused for a moment to simply enjoy the mingling of sea air with the scents of land. "I hope your journey was a productive one, Pirate Queen." The familiar sound of a friend's voice rang out from just beyond the dock. It was the Wizard sitting upon his magic carpet. The queen raised an arm in greeting. "As though you have not been keeping an eye on me with your crystal ball!" Meeting each other half way, the friends and ex-enemies exchanged a brief embrace. "Of course it was." The bald Wizard in his silly turban nodded his approval. "And your hat is still ridiculous." The pirate added much to his dismay.

Together, the pair made their way to the nearest travel. It was sparsely populated, but a couple of familiar patrons were there. "If it isn't her highness herself." Chortled a dark elf who fancied himself a pirate ("Though he had neither a ship or the disposition for sea life."), making light of her otherwise dreaded moniker.


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