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10/12/2021 01:22 PM 

5AM Coffee

The sky was starting to lighten, but the actual sun up was still a little ways away. Venus shined proudly in the summer sky, determined in vain to outperform the full moon's waning glory. Creatures of the night settled into their homes for a well-deserved rest. The barred owl in the big oak still called out a couple of hoots, but even he was ready to sleep. At the base of the oak, another creature stirred. Residents of the forest had grown accustomed to her presence. Perhaps they did not trust her just yet, but they were /aware/ of her. What an unnatural beast or man, whatever she was!

Sitting up, Nox let out an anguished groan. Her head felt like shattered glass. Never had she encountered enough alcohol to actually make her drunk per se, but she suspected this was pretty close to what a hangover felt like. Running her hands through her hair, the she-wolf began picking out the brambles and general forest debris she accumulated whilst being a wolf. Dirt turned white hair murky, twigs and leaves added to the disheveled state.

If she shook it enough, would a bird's nest fall out? Where was her bag? Oh yeah. By the car. Ugh. She had to walk back to the car. Well, at least it was summer. No snow! Holy f***, she needed a strong ass cup of coffee!

Standing up, Nox stretched as far as her body would allow. Fingers nowhere near reaching the lowest hanging branch, but that didn't stop her from trying. By human standards, Adelphe was on the shorter side. Knotted muscled, sore from sleeping on the ground, protested the movements. But it felt so good to stretch every sinew as far as it could possibly go! She twisted left, twisted right, all in an attempt to loosen up. 'Alright, enough messing around.' The wolf in human skin began a brisk trot towards her car. Midstride, the sound of movement caused Nox to nearly fall. She hadn't heard anything, nor picked up any curious scents in the air. She was completely caught by surprise when a pair of hikers stumbled out of the underbrush. How did she miss that?

"Oh God!" The woman shouted. "Woah!" Her male companion echoed the sentiment. Both threw up their hands and ducked their faces into the crooks of their arms. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" "Why are you just prancing around like some…some…naked forest nymph?!" Nox looked down. Oh. Right. She was naked. Ooh! Right! She was naked! 'Sheesh, humans.' Putting her arms in front of her, Adelphe Nox feigned embarrassment. "Oh no! I'm so sorry!" She yelped. "My friends thought it would be funny to steal my supplies!" This appeared to be an agreeable excuse for the humans, who berated the imaginary friends for having done such a thing. The couple, still adverting their eyes, offered to help. A shirt, perhaps? But Noxy kindly declined, saying her car wasn't too far and she had some clothes there. Again, accepting her explanation, the pair took off as quickly as possible.

At her car, things flowed in a predictably mundane manner. Clothes, wet wipes to wash away as much dirt as possible, pull a brush through the mangled mess that was her hair, hydrate with bottled water, and get on the road. It was during such tedious steps of the post-full moon that Adelphe's mind began to wander. Wouldn't it be nice to have a pack again? Maybe they could chase rabbits by moonlight! It would be fun to have someone she could talk to during the drive back. The fact that she was beginning to confide in Marie was a little bit…unnerving…to Nox. Marie, though a creature one would certainly call supernatural, was still an airhead who regularly had little regard to anyone but herself. And she certainly didn't understand the communal living a wolf was more accustomed to when not pretending to be a human. Sometimes Nox wished she and Marie had never discovered one another's secret life.

Pushing up her cheap aviators, Adelphe rubbed her eyes. But that did little to clear the haze in her head. Catching a road sign listing restaurants and the approaching stop, the white wolf decided to turn off the interstate. It was a little one-horse town with barely a Waffle House. But that was all she wanted. Pulling up her white tresses in a messy--and it was truly messy, complete with dirt and leaves--bun, Nox examined her reflection in her rearview mirror. Wiping away all residual dirt, she deemed herself presentable. Well, as presentable as she was going to get. Purse in hand, she stepped out of her car. Nothing sounded better at the moment than a burnt coffee and a bacon/egg/cheese sandwich.



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