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October 18th, 2021

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December 27, 2019


10/12/2021 01:20 PM 

Rampage Cont.

Blood-crazed, the white werewolf charged towards the distant crowd of revelers. Christmas music resonated through out the park, drawing her attention. Black claws raked the ground--dirt and stone alike--as she charged toward the human buffet. Screams of alarm sounded as those on the fringe noticed the charging she-beast. Preparing the attack, Nox reared up into an upright posture. Shoots rang out. Ropes entangled themselves around her limbs, binding her arms to her side. Bellowing in fury, the She-Wolf topples over like a felt tree. CRASH. Face first in the gross. Screams grew louder as more people became aware of the rampaging wolf-monster. Panicked, them ran as a herd. Mindless cattle. So delicious!

Nox squirmed, fighting to escape the lines that bound her. But this was not simple rope! The Order paid damn good money for tinstone carbide cables. Behind Adelphe, men in body arm disguised as NYPD SWAT emerged from the tree line. Tranquilizers had only a limited effect on these beasts, but maybe with the silver it would buy them enough time to contain her. Darting the savage creature, they hit her with enough to put down a bull elephant. "Hurry, this stuff won't last long."

That's when it all went dark for Noxy. "Nighty night, beasty."

Stirring awake, Adelphe found herself in total darkness. Ugh…her head. What a nightmare! Reaching to rub her eyes, Nox was startled when sharp nails cut at her face. The fog lifted.


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