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10/11/2021 11:25 PM 

"Please don't lie to me" - for my Ed

By: Lorraine Warren // 1533977
Please Don't Lie To Me...
For: Ed Warren // 1537318
  "Hon? Hon?! Come on... Lorraine!" Ed shouted worriedly. Lorraine finally woke from her vision and was frantic. Panting heavily, tears streaming down her face she looked to Ed. "Ed... this house... it's the closest to hell I ever want to get." She said before collapsing against Ed sobbing from what she had seen. Everyone who was part of the group just watched uncomfortably. If something terrified Lorraine, someone who was used to these sorts of things there was clearly something to this place, some truth in it all.

 At the Amityville investigation, Lorraine had seen something... something she couldn't get out of her mind. And that much was clear because during the ride home she didn't speak or look at Ed. She just stared blankly out the window as Ed drove. Ed was quiet but also worried and uncomfortable with the silence. Hesitating for a moment he switched on the car radio.

 "How about some music? That always cheers you up." He said trying to sound calm and relaxed. "Might even get Elvis... the only guy I think you love more than me.." Ed said jokingly. Lorraine shot Ed a look that told him all he needed to know, she hadn't found his innocent joke funny. She shut the radio off before staring back out the window. She watched as the rain began to fall.

 Sighing Ed tried to think of what else to say. He knew Lorraine, when something like this truly terrified her she was reluctant to speak about it. That bothered him, as a couple and partners they were supposed to talk about everything. "Maybe it'll help if you tell me what you saw? I mean... how bad was it? Maybe we can stop off to Father Gordon? Pray in the church for a bit?" He suggested.

 Lorraine seemed unphased by this request. "I don't want to see Father Gordon... and... I don't want to go to church." She said, her tone was dead and void of emotion like she had shut them off. "I want to go home. I want to go to bed. And I didn't see anything I want to talk about. I'm fine Ed. So drop it." She said still avoiding looking to him.

Ed watched Lorraine for a few moments before pulling over and stopping the car. Frowning Lorraine looked at him "what are you doing?" She asked. Ed turned in his seat to look at her. "
Please don't lie to me, Lorraine. I know you saw something that shook you... that doesn't happen often so please... tell me?" He asked almost desperately.

Lorraine looked to Ed, the tears filling her eyes again. "Ed I can't... please.. I don't... want to think about it anymore.. please..." she said breaking down into tears again. It seemed the mere memory of what she saw was enough to leave her trembling. Sighing Ed nodded and leaned over hugging Lorraine, soothingly rubbing her back. "Fine hon." He said quietly and just held her for a few moments before kissing her head. "But please... don't shut me out... okay?"

Tearfully Lorraine nodded and once she was able to compose herself and stop crying Ed started the car back up and headed for home. Lorraine now leaned back in her seat just watching Ed as he drove. Closing her eyes she had no intention of falling asleep, not after what she had seen. But instead, she was silently praying, begging for God to protect Ed. For God to make sure what she saw would not come to pass.


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