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post new ham headcanon.
Late at night, Cori doesn't often sleep. She thinks of the offer that was made; The children being spared with the opportunity to start a new world... Or to return back to the mess that their parents had made. They could have so easily spared themselves the grief...

West (s)Ham was barely any better than it had been when the children had been abducted, let alone the rest of the world. The weight of the world really lie upon their shoulders. Coraline Reed would inevitably find herself outside, gazing out into the darkness. She knew how to walk these grounds in her sleep, didn't she? Though they hadn't really been these grounds, now, had they?

Lately she's convinced she can hear the voices of those they lost in the other world, and it scares her and thrills her at the same time. To speak to your best friend again after thinking they were forever gone was a blessing. To speak to one's dead best friend again, was something else entirely. After awhile, inevitably, Cori retreats to the backyard firepit, pouring herself a glass of wine to go along with one of the joints she'd made that evening. Maybe she just had a wild imagination.

Or maybe God was playing tricks on her.


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