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09/20/2021 09:10 AM 

My RP Rules
Category: Guidelines

These rules are probably going to be ignored by anyone and everyone.
.:RULE 1:.
I will NOT be adding anyone who just has "One-Liner" in Length because I HATE One Liners. That includes no text talk and using " - " and " * " for actions or speaking. Must be a Paragraph at LEAST. Multi-Para is accepted whole-heartedly with me.

Proper grammar and spelling required to be my roleplaying partner.

*I will only add English speaking people.*
.:RULE 2:.
If you hassle me (whether it's through Comments or DMs EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY), I will delete you. However, if I had seen what you had written and I forgot, then I will not delete you. I am a human being that can forget things.
.:RULE 3:.
If you already started to roleplay with me and find me annoying, I'm deleting you. If you had discussed a romance roleplay with me, but go and get a girlfriend/boyfriend before we actually start roleplaying. Then I will delete and block you. I don't care. I'm not dealing with people like that. Nothing else to it.
.:RULE 4:.
If I send you a request or if you send me one and I accept, don't treat me as a number. I will delete you and never add you again. I came here to roleplay and, maybe, make friends. I didn't come here to become somebody's friend number like Facebook. Either we roleplay/talk or I won't see you on my friend's list again.

If you add, then YOU talk to me. I will talk to you if I sent the request to you.

You have 3 days to message me. If I see that you haven't, then you're being removed. I won't delete you if I've seen that you haven't been online on your account for more than a day, BUT I will delete you if you've been offline for more than a month.
.:RULE 5:.
Do not EVER send me messages in character. It's annoying and just outright disrespectful for those who always talk out of character. If you do, then you're being removed. There will be some exceptions because that person is specifically an in-character account.

This INCLUDES sending a starter without discussing roleplay plots with me. Mostly because I had a friend who got into drama without discussing. And the other girl said sh!t while lying about it. So, discussion BEFORE roleplaying.
.:RULE 6:.
I just want to have fun and no real life drama. I also have a life that requires me to work, eat, sleep, read, do arts and crafts and spend time with family on holidays.
.:RULE 7:.
If you don't like something about my starter or roleplay, please tell me. I want to make the roleplay as fun as possible for the both of us.
.:RULE 8:.
I will not roleplay as any canon character from any verse. I started out roleplaying as a canon character, but didn't stop hearing complaint after complaint of my portrayal of the characters.

I won't add dumb people who are breaking the TOS on this site. That includes people's dumb usernames.
.:RULE 9:.
Any romantic relationships that I do are ROLEPLAY ONLY. To me, each relationship that I create with people, then it's their own separate universe from the one you have. If I say that I like you out of character, then that means that I'm interested in trying a real relationship with you.
.:RULE 10:.
No god-modding, please? God-modding is "taking control of another player's character during roleplay." It upsets me and very much annoys me. I created these characters for me to roleplay as. It takes the fun out of roleplaying in general.
.:RULE 11:.
I only roleplay 3rd person point of view. If you roleplay in first person, I'm okay with that. However, I won't roleplay in first person for you.
.:RULE 12:.
If you can't handle some words that comes out of a roleplay with me, then don't add me. Because you should learn the difference between ROLEPLAY and REALITY.
.:RULE 13:.
These are the roleplays I will NOT do: Asian, Crime, Gore, Horror, Mafia, Medical, Psychological, Science Fiction, Undead and Wrestling!

These are the types of people I WON'T add: Dumbasses, Trans people, and fluent in all other languages other than English.
.:RULE 14:.
Do NOT criticize the way *I* roleplay *my* character. I will not tolerate it. You will be removed from my friends' list IMMEDIATELY. Why? Its MY character. Not YOURS. I don't criticize/ridicule anyone else's roleplaying style for THEIR character because its NOT mine. I EXPECT the same treatment.

Don't like it, then remove me or never friend me.
.:RULE 15:.
If you can't pay attention to when I'm discussing plots (like, asking what characters I'll be using) and I said it during discussion. That just pisses me off.
.:RULE 16:.
If I've denied your request the first time, DO NOT KEEP SENDING ME A FRIEND REQUEST!!! There is a REASON why I'm denying your request. And if you send me a request THREE TIMES, I will GLADLY put your ass on blast and make sure EVERYONE knows how much of a pain in the ass you are. Because you can't take NO FOR AN ANSWER.
~Just sick of people not caring about anything.~


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