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R e l i e f ( 616 | Drabble 1 )

Immortality is just a life sentence with a more pleasant veneer. Everlasting life is terrestrial purgatory.-- Wanda Maximoff (Trial of Magneto Issue 1)

She sighs in relief when she hears the accomplishment, the miracle she and Hope Summers created. To undo her tragic lapse of sanity, her big mistake. A mistake that haunts her forever, though she hopes that now that the mutant population is recovering, that they can see it in their hearts to forgive her. However, nothing is ever that easy. Everyone is walking on eggshells around her. Even her closest friends seem to look at her with a discerning look, wondering when will she snap again.

Though at the very least, they are civil to her treat her with kindness. Then rumors started flying around that the mutants have finally found a place. Safer than Genosha, a place of everlasting life and protection. Krakoa. It warmed her heart, for she experienced first hand the treatment and fear mutants have gone through. She feels a warmth a comfort that life does move on. She moves on but it doesn't take long to find that something isn't quite right.

The Great Pretender, Wanda Maximoff is not welcomed. Perhaps it's for the best. Though they say her face is plastered every in Krakoa, her name is upon their top offenders. They tell horror stories to the younger mutants regarding her. She clears her throat and wonders if this is true? Though that sinking feeling, that mystical instinct seems to confirm it. She shakes her head, pushing back the pain, the hurt, the betrayal.

"No matter what I do...nothing will remove this tarnish," she whispers to herself one day as she tries to read a book. Though, the thoughts aren't blocked easily. She reckons they have good cause to use her as their boogeyman. "Fine, let them," she says as she wants to believe that she's okay with it. That it does not bother her but it does.

She receives emails from Erik. She has to stop herself from the habit of calling him, father. Though, deep down, she wonders if he is. Her brother's face is a constant reminder of that man. So she sees it in her heart to forgive him. To reach back out to the man who is constantly trying to reach her. She's finally allowed to visit Krakoa, she's finally allowed to see what the mutant utopia looks like. Though, first thing's first, she's going to see the man she calls father.


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