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October 1st, 2021

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Gender: Female

Age: 25
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September 16, 2021


09/16/2021 12:42 PM 

Possible Roleplays;

1. Working her way to become a Pharamcy Technician, she finds herself in the clutches of the main mafia/gang being forced to steal drugs. Does she turn into a rat or show her royalty to the gang?

2. Matched on tinder! She got stood up?! Does she get stalked? Does she make it home alive? Is her date just an idiot that ended up at the wrong coffee shop?

3. Getting hit on at a gas station can suck. Especially by the meth heads and the pervy old men. Getting hit on by a hottie though? That's another thing. She gave the man her number. Does he hit her up for love or lust?

4. Halloween has always been her favorite holiday. She finds herself in a graveyard and the smell of rotten meat enters her nose. As she turns around she screams, for she has seen a …!


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