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09/15/2021 11:24 PM 

Now What? (Stargirl) Head Cannon

Now what?

(Stargirl verse)

Artemis eyes widen with fear seeing the school’s cafeteria being surrounded by smoke after Cindy pulls out a black-ish/purple-ish gem from her pocket. Seeing a monster, an ugly monster you would read about in one of those stupid Dungeon & Dragons types of monster one of the kids in her Foster Home would describe it. Eclipso. Underneath her mask, she sees Eclipso sucking the soul of Isaac Bowin to death and Cindy the Team’s leader disappearing. The brunette teenager turned her around then quickly running away from the fight scene. Artemis ran as fast as her feet will lead her. She couldn’t believe that both Cindy and Isaac are gone.

The former quarterback ran in the dark streets of Blue Valley and taking off her hockey mask. Artemis was trying to process what just happened and couldn’t believe what has taken place. She stopped in her tracks trying to catch her breath and putting her mask into her backpack. The Vietnamese teenager breathes out with both of her hands in her hair while trying to collect herself.

“I can’t believe it; I still can’t believe it!” She expressed her thoughts out loud not caring would anyone think of her.  Artemis started to pace back and forth to keep her nerves getting the best of her. “I’m the last member of the new ISA; holy hell,” The former quarterback said under her breath with her hands on her hips.

A sudden loud BOOM cracks the peaceful night of Nebraska skyline and looking up see the moon. Chills run down her spine and seeing that the bright moon planet is now covered by an eclipse. Fear started to seep into her veins and hearing her cellphone going off, taking a bet it’s probably her Foster Mother. Artemis ignores the call then starts running to another place that was truly her, her old home.

Twenty minutes later….

The Vietnamese teenager stands at the door of her former home and walking over to the unoccupied residence knowing no one in Blue Valley would buy it because her parents went from well-liked and respectful to criminals. Artemis goes over to one of the windows knowing it’s open and crawls into it. Her dark brown hues view around the living room and having the last time she saw her parents before they went away on their ‘date night’. The former quarterback puts her hand on the surface of the walls where everything brought back memories; the memories she wishes she could get back. Time was lost forgetting about what Artemis just went through and went to a place in her memory where she truly felt like her old self. The brunette Vietnamese walked up the stairs towards her old room and opening the door. Viewing dust marks and things that were once there were now gone. Artemis sighed, “Now what?” She asked herself out loud with her arms folded in front of her chest.

End Scene


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