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09/15/2021 08:38 PM 

001. "Nothing Personal."

Does anybody love you?

The question rang through the jester’s ears. For a split second, what seemed to be a permanent smile began to slip into a frown. As quick as it appeared it disappeared. 

Someone did, once.

A moment of weakness, she wouldn’t let the female before her see it. “No.” She simply stated, inching closer to the fem who flinched, not having any real way to escape the clown. “But I am really good at making them fear me.” The words falling from her lips in a sing-song tone. 

Her lips spread wide, batting her lashes at the girl. It would seem to others the way Lilith acted towards people as if she was flirting with them, pulling them along, as if she was hanging onto every word they spoke to her. A twirl in her hair, a soft giggle - Lilith was nothing but a performer. 

Don’t you know it’s dangerous to roam the streets at night?” A tilt of the head, while brown hues bore into the blonde before her. “A pretty little thing like yourself, why it was almost as if you were begging for me to come collect you.”

Don’t play with your food, clown!!

The voice ringing in her head, her brows furrowed, almost irritated with herself. What fun was it if she couldn’t get the true fear from her victims. Always bossing her around, even herself it seemed. “It’s not true fear if I don’t taunt her!” She tilted her head and shouted out loud, the confusion clear as day on the other female’s face. “W-what are you saying?” Lilith now turns her features to look at the female once more. “You know it’s pretty rude to interrupt a conversation?” Irritation in her tone, dainty fingers going to reach to pluck at her blonde hair. “I know I’m making you wait, but I’ll play with you in a second.” A quick tug on her locks before jumping away from her for a second.

The two were just having a stare off, Lilith looking at her blonde companion of the night, just watching her squirm, pulling her limbs at the rope that was chafing her flesh. It was delicious to the split dyed girl - she was oozing with fear, even if she was trying her best to stay calm, Lilith could smell it in the air. 

Fear, it was her own personal drug. Addicted to the way humans just gave it away for free. Haunted houses, scary movies, the thought of serial killers living near them, or even their own fears creeping in on them. It was only a simple fix, nothing to keep her sustained for long but how she chased after the fears. Chased after the screams and cries.

Lost in her thoughts before noticing the girl was fidgeting less, could she possibly have gotten out of her ropes or was she giving up and accepting her faith, a hum passed through her lips, it wasn’t that. Lilith knew this girl had a fire in her eyes that she wanted to flush out, and wanted to hear the screams of this girl in the warehouse she made her domain. Once Lilith had her claws in someone they hardly ever got away. If they ran out, well they’d face an axe to the skull by her beloved friend the behemoth. His swift kills bored her, there was no cat and mouse, no excitement to see the look in their eyes - their sparkle slowly faded into nothing. 

Practically jumping in front of the girl now, she saw her flinch once more, without a second a freed hand formed into a fist met with the side of Lilith’s face. Wincing from the sudden rush a dull ache on her features before she let out a loud cackle. “I knew you were going to be delicious!!” 

Wh-What!? Why didn’t that do anything!” The girl’s voice ringing through her ears now, bouncing off the walls, while Lilith inhaled softly, a trickle of blood spilling from her nose as she wiped it off and onto the girl's cheek. Gripping tightly onto her face with her right hand while the left gripped onto the blonde’s wrist. 

You’d almost break my heart, if I had one princess.” Lilith whispered softly, licking her own blood off the girl’s face, feeling her jerk away, only to have her grip tighten on her. While her left hand grip tightened more and more before hearing a snap of the blonde’s wrist making her scream out loudly in pain.

Ah~ It’s like music to my ears, unfortunately for you, you’ve wasted your last ditch efforts on one hit. A pity, I thought you were stronger than that.” Lilith spoke with a giggle, before reaching to her side, tape to cover her mouth swiftly placed while the clown pressed her lips to the now taped mouth. 

Lilith loved seeing the look in their eyes when she did this, the blue in her eyes searching brown. Inhaling the fear, inhaling everything about the girl - dreams, hopes, fears, wishes - all of it being consumed by the clown, almost until there was nothing left but a body who was still struggling to make its way back to its once fulfilling life. 

While Lilith usually let the behemoth take care of the rest, something about the blonde girl writhing before her was like icing on the cake. The knife she was given by her friend before she straddled the girl’s lap. “It’s nothing personal,” She whispered to her, the playful smile now wiped away from her lips. “I was just hungry.” With that, Lilith let out a blood curdling scream while her knife dug itself repeatedly into the girl, her arm getting sore after a couple jabs while her blood started soaking into her outfit. 

Panting, the knife dropped out of her hand while crawling off of her. She was now laying on the floor, licking the blood off her lips and she let out a loud laughter. “I haven’t had that much fun in ages!!”



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