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Loki The True Frost Giant

Name: Loki Laufeyson 
Hero/villain: Anti Hero
Alias: God of lies, Loki Odinson, God of Stories, Ilok
Age: 1,054 human years, about 17 in Asgardian years
Birthday: February 9th
Zodiac: Aquarius 
Gender: Fluid
Sexuality: Pansexual
Merital Status: Single
Species: Jotun 
Nationality: Jotun/ Asgardian 
Current Location: Hidden 
Status: Alive
Language: All Speak
Height: 8 feet in Jotun form since he was a runt, 6'5 in Asgardian/Human
Weight: 500 lbs
Skin Color: Jotun blue, Asgardian pale white, you can still see his veins fairly clearly 
Eye Color: Red or green in Asgard. 
Hair Color: Black
Skin Markings: Many in his Jotun form but is basically clear as an Asgardian 
Tattoo(s): None
Scars: Many but they are hidden though magic
Body type: Slim and muscular
Disabilities: None
Physical Age: How ever they want to appear 
Piercing(s): Many ear piercings and a nose piercing. 
Personality: You'll notice how charming, spontanious, gifted and extremly intelligent he is. Loki is a very cunning person with a selfishness he uses to guard his true personality benieth. As Mobious exposed he is a scared little child inside, but is also a sarcastic chatterbox who surprisingly wants the best for others. 
Mental Age: somewhere in the mid twenties 
Mental Illnese(s): Borderline Personality Disorder 
Interaction capacity: It can be very hard to have long term interactions with Loki, you will quickly notice him flip flopping between personalities with reckless abandon and there's very few who can handle that, namely being variants of himself and his family. 
Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert 
=> Laufey (Biological father)
=> Odin Borson ("Adoptive" father)
=>Farbauti (Biological mother) 
=> Frigg Fjörgynnsdotter (Adoptive Mother) 
=> Byleistr and Helblindi (Biological brothers)
=>Thor Odinson (Adoptive brother) 
=>Tyr Odinson (Adoptive brother)
=> Hela (Adoptive sister)


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