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PDR Prompt: Madness

Walking the Line of Madness
Phoenix Down Resources /1234567
Madness is like gravity, all is needed is a little push over the edge of nothingness.


here is a fine line between revenge and madness. One can walk along the border of both only to find themselves slip into the latter in a single moment. At what point does a quest to quell a need for justice become something more, something you can't come back from?

Revenge always starts with one single moment. A sin. A pain. A death. Some may say it could be as simple as stealing car. Others say the death of a loved one would be the trigger to begin mission of revenge. At first you are engulfed by it, the one sole singular purpose to hunt the the one who wrong you. You plan. You watch. You study. Then you hunt, and the pursuit against your wrong doer begins.

At first you start simple, perhaps breaking into their house, or stealing their car. Yet as time passes and the continuing shift of moons begins to wane on you, you become further and further unsatiated in your revenge. You begin to walk a line, one so fine it can hardly be seen. Once the line is crossed, there is no going back, no true redemption deep within you.

Did you set their house on fire? Take a family member hostage? At what point did you cross that faded line into a spiraling madness? At what point did you actually realize that the madness had overcome you? Madness is like gravity, all you needed was a little push. The madness has consumed you and now you can never truly return to the person you once were.

Created by Patriot


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