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09/14/2021 07:03 PM 

Beginning of Chaos
Category: Stories
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Every story, whether great or small, has a beginning. Mine begins in chaos. Both the aspect and place. Chaos was the underworld and where I resided until the day that Odin, for lack of a better phrase, freed me. I was always quite clever, even at my young age, and was quite aware that the ruler of the Aesir did not grant favors without expecting something in return.

“Such matters will be discussed later, my young friend. At this time, you will accompany me to Asgard, your new home.” Odin’s voice was as large and powerful as he was as he stared at me with a slight expression of amusement. “What do they call you?”


A bright grin lit my face and reached the emerald hues. “Loki. I am Loki.”




Asgard. The Realm Eternal as it was known to others. It was all shining and gold and home to the Gods, as the Aesir were known. What an odd place for the young being from the underworld to find himself. Loki was by all standards much younger than most of the others. The bright and articulate ‘trickster’ as he soon was known was an adolescent.


Acceptance into society on Asgard was brutal for anyone deemed an outsider and doubly so for Loki. Though he was always under the watchful eye and ‘protection’ of Odin, he was still the target of attacks by Aesir and Vanir. If not for his abilities with magic, Loki might have been killed by one of them.

“It’s just a bit of sport, demon. Relax.” Tyr chuckled as his sword had barely missed Loki on that particular occasion. 


Loki scrambled to his feet with a look of annoyance on his features and brushed the dust off of his clothing. “For the hundredth time at least, it’s Loki.” Then the young man let loose a blast of green energy from his fingers that threw Odin’s war general back several yards and he landed hard enough to have the wind knocked out of him.


Of course, an entirely different version of the events were told by Tyr and how the one that Odin had brought from Chaos was a menace and would destroy them all. The All-Father calmed their fears. The ‘old man’ knew that they were looking for any reason to eliminate the outsider and Odin wouldn’t hear of it. Loki will prove himself worthy to all of you, he assured them.


Time passed and the Aesir did stop their attempts to murder him on a daily basis, though trust had yet to be earned. Loki was trusted by Odin and that was enough, for now. Everyone else considered the raven-haired young man as the brooding outsider with misunderstood magical abilities. Well, that was a step up from the demon and he would take it.


Somehow, the beauty of nature was his refuge. His calm in the storm of his life. The morning found him admiring the exquisite hues of the leaves and the songs of birds just outside the palace.


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