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09/14/2021 11:45 PM 


1.) Who are you rooming with while on the 7-day cruise ship? No roommate, I’m on my own.
2.) What is the first thing you plan on doing today? Visit the ruins. 
3.) What is your favorite beach food? Fruit.
4.) Have you found anything on the beach? If so what was it? A cool looking shell I’m taking home 
5.) The craziest moment you have ever experienced at the beach? A meth head streaker being chased by cops 
6.) The most embarrassing bathing suit situation you've ever had? Bikini bottoms being taken off by a large wave.
7.) If you went snorkeling what would you like to find? All different kinds of animals. 
8.) What three snacks did you bring to the beach? Pretzels, fruit and cashew nuts. 
9.) What are your top 5 beach essentials? Towel, sun screen, hat, water and snacks. 
10.) What are two things on your beach vacation bucket list? Build a sandcastle on every beach and swing in hammocks takin in the scenery. 
11.) What is your favorite thing about the beach? Watching the ocean and dipping my toes in the sand. 
12.) Would you rather have sand in your mouth or your butt crack? Mouth
13.) What drink do you plan on having in your hand at all times? A cocktail - a martini or cosmo. 
14.) If you owned a beach what would you name it? A Shore Good Time. 
15.) Are you enjoying yourself and living life to the fullest? Heck yes this trip was needed.
16.) Favorite beach-themed song? Under The Boardwalk - The Drifters.
17.) What 1 celebrity would you like to run into while at the beach? Zac Efron - let’s recreate Baywatch. 
18.) What are you planning on doing extra since Zachary is paying for your trip? Find somewhere to have a bottomless brunch. 
19.) If you could take another trip anywhere in the world where would you want to go? Australia. 
20.) Would you be embarrassed on a nude beach or flaunt what your mama gave you? Flaunt it. 


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