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09/14/2021 03:11 PM 

Sisters Reunited

Sisters Reunited

Gotham City, New York
19:45 P.M.

It’s been a week since Hank’s passing and Dawn was a complete mess both emotionally and mentally. She’s come to grips that it was her fault for ending the Love of her life, she killed him. The moment at the Warehouse where the blonde held the gun aiming at Jason with her trigger finger grasping; didn’t do anything to the former Robin but killing Dove’s partner.

The former ballerina has spoken to both Kory and D ick as a therapist on talking about her emotions and on how she will handle this. She expressed regret about how she could have just listened to him not putting on the suit/answering the call. At first, Dawn didn’t understand why Hank hanged up his Hawk suit or why he didn’t want to be a hero. The drive of being a hero for her was everything for her. After Donna’s death, in a way, it did change Hank’s point of view to not being a hero anymore and just trying to live life.

‘We have no future outside of Hawk & Dove. No Marriage. No kids. Nothing. We got lucky for a while and when that stopped, we stopped.’ His words echo through her head and the way he spoke sent chills down her spine. Dawn was a complete idiot for not understanding what Hank meant. But the moment, they had in the bedroom where he stayed out. It was the last time they had their last kiss and words together. Tears start welling from her eyes with her head falling into her hands.

She was a complete wreck when her mother, Marie was killed in an accident that took her life along with Don, Hank’s little brother. Now losing Hank is what broke both her heart and spirit. Dawn has called and texted her little sister, Holly about how she’s been doing in D.C. being single to being in mourning because Hank was killed. 

The Granger Sisters have stayed in touch since their mother was killed eleven years ago. The two had always had each other’s back and best friends even though they lived across the country. Dawn has been the protector of the family ever since her “father” if she can even call him that had abuse all three of the Granger women when Dawn was growing up. Even though their mother has told Dawn about Holly stealing from a shop back home in London. The former ballerina never saw her little sister any differently. They were there for each other via communication.

The whole Titans have respected and understood Dawn being in mourning and being m.i.a. when it comes to either patrols or missions. Connor, D*ck, Garfield, and Kory are dealing with their way of mourning Hank. They were all careful about what to say around Dawn and afraid to see what her reaction would be. The partnerless blonde assured her friends that she was okay and had to accept what she did.

Dawn was in the Batcave with the former first boy wonder. She sat on a chair behind him being quiet as she tries to adjust back to things somewhat back to normal and holding her anger of not going after Jason since he was the one that murdered the Love of her Life. 

Warning signals sound the Batcave with D*ck typing into the keyboard to the Bat Computer.

“Someone’s here,” The tall brunette man reported pulling up a security video and getting more of a clear picture of who the intruder was. “It looks like a female blonde, young-“ D*ck started to get a description of the young blonde woman.

Dawn’s eyes lighten up as if it was Christmas. She got up from her seat and smiles, “It’s my little sister, Holly.” The former ballerina answered then starts running up the stairs to upstairs going to the main floor of the Wayne Manor.

A few minutes later, Dawn runs towards the front door and unlocking the front door showing to see her sister with two suitcases in her hands, wearing a dark maroon trench coat, and her hair slightly pulled up. “Holly! Oh my god!” The former ballerina took her suitcases to the ground and wrapped her arms around her little sister. Dawn was crying tears in joy and being reunited with the only blood relative she loved the most. “You’re here, you have no idea how happy I am to see you.” She replied in a broken down voice and a smile rosing to her lips. 


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