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Clueless #3

Clueless Post #3
attn: EVERYONE / mention: Caroline, Alaric, Lizzie
There was so much going on, Tyler couldn’t process it all. All he could see was Caroline. All that mattered was Caroline. He took her limp form over to where Bonnie and Emma had motioned for him. “Caroline, honey. Wake up sweetheart.” They weren’t an item any more, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t any less important to him. “Caroline…”

His voice was cracking. Every minute of their history started to race through his mind. He could recall how frightened he was when he made that first transformation into a wolf. He was so scared of what he could do and what he’d do to her. He never wanted to hurt her ever physically or otherwise. Yet.. here they were. His past under Klaus’ control brought him great shame. He shoved that to the back of his mind as he could see that Caroline was fighting it somehow. “Come on.. That’s it.”

Caroline was in some sort of delusion instigated by whomever it was that had poisoned her. Tyler’s eyes were clouding over as she was speaking to him. He realized that she knew he was there. He wasn’t going to leave her side. He didn’t give a damn what anyone said. “I saw my mom, and —Stefan?,” They said whenever you were dying you’d see your life flash before your eyes. Tyler’s heart was breaking into a million pieces. “Tyler do you think, you could go downstairs, and get Alaric for me,” her voice was hoarse. “And um — maybe a blood bag, Her fingertips were turning grey. He’d seen it too many times to know what was happening. Vampires turned grey when they were dying. Damn all the missions he’d had with the Armory. Damn all that hunts he’d been on with Jeremy. Damn everything.

Caroline was calling for others to come around her now. Tyler knew it was her way of saying goodbye. He knew her too damn well for that. He hadn’t left to get Alaric. Alaric had already found his way to where they were. Tyler still stayed close by as a guard dog in a sense. Yeah Damon would have cracked some dog jokes and such considering he was a werewolf, but that didn’t matter. He heard Caroline mention his name to Josie. He made eye contact with the young siphoner knowing that he would never leave her mother’s side. Tyler could feel the rage beginning to come to a rolling boil. Just below the surface, the wolf was angry and he wanted to be set free. Someone was in the process of killing Caroline Forbes, his first love, and they needed to die.

Alaric came up to her as she was slowly leaving them alone. Tyler from his position could see the marks appearing on Caroline’s chest. The unmistakable sounds of a dagger penetrating flesh in a fatal blow sent Tyler’s anger right to the peak of a final eruption. ‘NOOOOO!’ He shouted in a voice that turned into a wolf’s growl just as his human teeth turned into those deadly fangs to vampires. His eyes were a brilliant amber right now as the transformation was threatening to take him over. He’d gained control over it during the years thanks to the help of Hayley Marshall and his mentor Thomas of the Pack that lived in the Smokey Mountains. His werewolf sense of smell was picking up something as the change was happening, but he didn’t know what it was. The only thing he could process was his first love, the Girl Who Got Away being robbed of her undead life.

Lizzie had raced up to her mother at the last moment. Mom..mommy..mommy... I'm here, mommy please...please come back to me, come back I...i can’t I can’t...!“ The voice of Caroline’s daughter begging for her mother absolutely broke Tyler. The cry of the girl who needed her mother but now someone or something had taken her mother away had broken the girl who was already fragile in the beginning. Tyler couldn’t stand it any longer. He backed up from Caroline leaving her body with Alaric for now. He was growling as he body started to cover in fur again and his bones were breaking. It was an emotional outburst and he knew it. All control was gone.

Tyler was in full wolf form now. He was a rich tan color in his fur and his fangs were exposed. He was growling ready to try and rip anyone apart that came near Caroline’s body. He was fully ready to leap forward and start ripping out throats of anyone who would even remotely be connected to Caroline’s murder. His fur bristled and his golden eyes were seriously full of anger and agony. If anyone could actually notice there was a small tear in the corner of his right eye that soon saturated the fur of that side of his Wolf face.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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