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09/08/2021 10:21 PM 



It was the sound of a chainsaw at work that woke Jude from her drug induced slumber with a gasp!

It was the smell of rotting corpses - not that she knew that’s what she was smelling at the time, but she would later learn - that made it hard to remain unconscious.

My head is heavy.
I don’t know what is happening.
I feel like I’m floating.
Everything’s foggy.

Her vision was blurry as her eyes opened.
Am I dreaming?
Is this real?
Why is the world spinning?
What the hell is that sound?!?!


She was trying to gage her surroundings, but she couldn’t see much past a door slightly ajar which revealed a figure up ahead - their back was turned, and they were standing over what appeared to be a slab.

There was a light shining above where the figure stood, but she couldn’t see what was on the table or what (or who) the person was cutting into.

What is that red liquid splattering all over the place?


The rotten smell was getting worse as she began to wake a little more.

Her eyes burned.

The putrid stench was beyond anything she smelled before.

The smell
I will never forget the smell
It makes me wanna throw up…

Her breathing grew heavy and tears sprang to her eyes.

Her mind was foggy.

She was afraid.

Jude was becoming more aware of her surroundings with each moment passing by.
I shouldn’t be here!


She knew she was in a bad situation, but she didn’t understand how the hell she got here or why she was here, or if any of it was really happening.


- - No one ever believes a situation like this is going to happen to them, so when it does? Processing it. . .it’s like your mind plays tricks and you start to wonder if what you’re going through is real or if it’s simply a nightmare. - -


The more she became aware of her surroundings, the more she realized her surroundings.

She wasn’t wearing shoes, and beneath her feet - as they grazed what she originally believed was the floor - felt like… a face.

It was like her feet were running over a nose, and then a mouth and then back up to the nose again and . . . were those eyebrows . . .

Jude’s eyes widened in fear.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood as goosebumps rose on her skin.



She forced herself not to scream.

In this moment she knew if she wanted to live - if she wanted to not end up like the person beneath her feet - - or what she now identified as a body being cut with a chainsaw in the next room over - she had to be quiet.


Her breathing grew heavier.

She tried to stand up from the chair.

That was when she realized her hands were tied behind her back and she was bound by whatever was wrapped around her wrists.

Jude shook the chair while doing her best to remain as silent as possible.

She wiggled her wrists, trying her best to break free, but it was no use.

She was trapped.

She couldn’t get free.


Her mind started to circulate with thoughts and possible ideas of getting the hell out of there - even if she brought the damn chair with her.

Where’s the exit?

Okay. Over there. Where the stairs are.

Can I stand?

She attempted to get up, but there was something attached to her chair from behind that was heavy and prevented her from moving.

Jude stifled a frustrated whine!
You’ve got to be kidding me!
Okay. Plan B- -

- Her thoughts were cut off by the sound of someone groaning.

It was coming from behind her. Her goosebumps rose once more.

There was someone behind her.


Every breath Jude breathed was filled with trepidation as she slowly turned her head to get a look at who - or what - was coming from behind her.

She wasn’t able to see much, but she realized in that moment when her eyes met with the back of someone else’s head that. . . the reason she couldn’t move her chair was because it was tied together with another.

There was someone else - hopefully alive! - in here with her.

She opened her mouth to speak, but stopped herself for a moment. Even though the sound of the chainsaw was loud, she was afraid that their captor would somehow hear her speak.

Come on, Jude.
Open your mouth.
Just whisper when you do.


Jude nodded her head as she listened to her thoughts.
She let out a very quiet breath before finally whispering. . .

“Hi. . .you okay back there? I’m Jude. We’ve gotta get out of here.”

Brum-brum-brum-brum-brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. . .


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