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More Filled Female Characters

Full Name:
Claire Lyons.
Playby: Ellen Marlow.
Grade: 12th (Senior).

Age: Seventeen-years-old.
Birthday: March 21st, 2004.
Claire Lyons Popular?: No.
Relationship Status:
Claire Lyons is single right now.
Sexual Orientation: 
Claire Lyons is heterosexual, however she is also secretly bi-curious.
Claire Lyons does not have any ex-boyfriends.
Best Friends: T.B.A.
Kimi Watanabe-Finster, Valerie Smith, Rayana Sanderson, Carly Shay, Susie Carmichael, Tommy Pickles, and Chuckie Finster.
Secret Love Interest: No one right now.
Other Connections:
This will be decided by Admin. J. of Statton Academy later.
Extremely shy, bubbly, goofy, she is secretly insecure about the way that she looks, and etc.
Claire Lyons Ever Drink Alcohol?: Never.
Claire Lyons Ever Go To Parties?: Never
Claire Lyons Ever Use Drugs?: Never.
Claire Lyons Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Is Claire Lyons Still a Virgin?: Yes.

Biography: Claire Lyons isn't popular at Statton Academy. But Claire is friends with two girls who are popular (Rayana Sanderson and Kimi Watanabe-Finster). Claire is a bookworm, because she absolutely loves to read. Claire is on the Acting Ensemble this school year at Statton Academy. One year ago, Claire was in Drama 1 class with Kristen Gregory. Claire does not know that Kristen is now secretly a lesbian. Claire doesn't know that Kristen has been secretly in love with Claire for the past one year. Claire has a bright and bubbly personality. But Claire can also be extremely shy. Claire secretly feels insecure about the way that she looks.  Claire is somewhat smart, mostly because she reads a lot. But Claire is failing her Economics class, which just so happens to be yet another class that she has with Kristen. Claire doesn't want to become a Second Year Senior (like Vicky Statton) though, so she knows that she needs to pass her Economics class in order to graduate in the Class of 2022. Claire is friends with only seven students at Statton Academy. The other popular students don't even want to become friends with Claire. The only two popular girls who are friends with Claire are Rayana, and Kimi. Claire has been friends with them for the past seven years. Claire has never had a boyfriend before. She just simply isn't interested in having a boyfriend. Claire is heterosexual, but she is also secretly bi-curious. Claire likes to play Facebook games, and her #1 favorite holiday is Christmas. Claire loves to listen to Christmas music, and she also loves to decorate her own Christmas tree. Claire doesn't love anyone right now. Claire just wants to focus more on doing her homework so that she will actually graduate in the Class of 2022.

Will Claire Lyons continue to be single? Or will Claire finally get her very first boyfriend? Will Claire be able to graduate in the Class of 2022? Or will she have to become a Second Year Senior in the 2022-2023 school year at Statton Academy?

Interested in Claire Lyons? Unfortunately for you, she is taken.


Full Name: Cassandra Marie Parker.
Nickname/She Prefers To Be Called: Cassie.
Playby: Selena Gomez.
Grade: 12th (Senior).

Age: Seventeen-years-old.
Birthday: July 2nd, 2004.
Cassie Parker Popular?: No.
Relationship Status:
Cassie Parker is single right now.
Sexual Orientation: 
Cassie Parker is heterosexual right now.
Ex-Boyfriend: Michael Garner
Best Friend: Carly Shay.
Sophia Roberts.
Cassie Parker is Secretly Still In Love With Michael Garner.
Other Connections: T.B.A.
Personality: Humorous, creative, reserved, quiet, shy, and etc.
Cassie Parker Ever Drink Alcohol?: Never.
Cassie Parker Ever Go To Parties?: Never.
Cassie Parker Ever Use Drugs?: Never
Cassie Parker Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Cassie Parker Still a Virgin?: Yes.

Cassie Parker is the co-host of the extremely popular web show that is called iCarly. Cassie had always been a fan of iCarly though. So it's not like Cassie never heard of it before Carly asked her [Cassie] to become Carly's new co-host. Sadly though, Cassie had to replace Sam Puckett because Sam doesn't attend Statton Academy. Cassie is very humorous, which is one of the reasons why Carly picked her. Unfortunately, the popular girls at Statton Academy (with the exception of Vicky Statton and Rayana Sanderson) are extremely mean to Carly and Cassie, and the popular girls (again with the exception of Vicky and Rayana) have been spreading rumors that Cassie and Carly are in love and that they are secretly dating each other. Of course it's not true. But Cassie isn't homophobic or anything like that. In fact, Cassie has always been a supporter of bisexual people and homosexual people. Cassie helps Carly with the iCarly web show, and Cassie always has great ideas for the skits they will preform on each web show. Cassie is also very shy and reserved though. She only appears to be talkative and out-going on iCarly. But when Cassie is alone in her dorm room, she actually likes to be alone. And Cassie can be very quiet sometimes too. Cassie's only ex-boyfriend is Michael Garner. Unfortunately, he broke up with her because he didn't like her weird personality. They were a couple for only three weeks but then he broke up with Cassie on January 2nd, 2021. Unfortunately, Cassie is secretly still in love with Michael.

Will Cassie Parker ever get back together with Michael Garner? Or will Cassie start dating someone else? Or will Cassie continue to be single for the rest of her entire life?

Interested in Cassie Parker? Unfortunately for you, she is taken.

Full Name: Chloe Mahatma Gandhi Carol Burnett Carmichael.
Playby: Olivia Holt.
Grade: 11th (Junior).
Age: Sixteen-years-old.
Birthday: March 21st, 2005.
Is Chloe Carmichael Popular?: No.
Relationship Status: Chloe Carmichael is single right now.
Sexual Orientation: Chloe Carmichael is heterosexual.
Ex-Boyfriends: Chloe Carmichael does not have any ex-boyfriends yet.
Best Friends: Timmy Turner.
Friends: A.J., Chester McBadBat, Kevin Crocker, Demi Buxaplenty, and Summer Bishop.
Secret Love Interest: Sean Butler.
Other Connections: Clark Carmichael (her father), and Connie Carmichael (her mother).
Personality: generous, kind, nonjudgmental, forgiving, stubborn, insecure, a perfectionist, people-pleaser, caring, compassionate, and honest.
Does Chloe Carmichael Ever Drink Alcohol?: Never.
Does Chloe Carmichael Ever Go To Parties?: Not yet.
Does Chloe Carmichael Ever Use Drugs?: Never.
Does Chloe Carmichael Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Is Chloe Carmichael Still a Virgin?: Yes.
This Character Is Based Upon The Fairly OddParents Character: Chloe Carmichael.

Biography: Chloe Carmichael is an over-achieving and enthusiastic girl, born on March 21st, the same day as Timmy. Chloe tended to wish for things that may help people or be nice to them. Her favorite TV show used to be The Fair Bears until they were revealed to be unfair bears who tricked Wanda and Timmy into being just like them. Her birthday is the one day a year she puts herself over others, becoming obsessed with being the center of attention on that day similarly to Timmy. Chloe has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a yellow and white sleeveless dress, with black leggings and purple sandals, along with a purple bow in her hair. She also has a noticeable gap in her teeth. Chloe is an enthusiastic and outgoing young girl with a "can-do attitude", Chloe has an optimistic demeanor and she tries hard to do good in the world. She is considered intelligent by even Denzel Crocker and appears to be accepting of others despite their differences, even a giant monster. Chloe is notably an over-achiever with a phobia of quitting (to the point where she is even against the word being used) and while her determination and optimism are usually seen in her concern and desire to help others, she sometimes tries too hard to do good in the world. Chloe often gets ahead of herself and thinks without acting, and can end up doing more harm than good because of it. All of this proves that she suffers from perfectionism. As a result, she alienates those around her and is unable to make friends, leaving her miserable. When placed in uncomfortable or frustrating situations or settings, Chloe generally tries to hide her negative emotions behind her outgoing nature. It is often difficult for her to say no to someone, even if it may lead to harm for her, like in "Whittle Me This" where not telling Catman she wasn't his old sidekick almost ended with her fairies being captured by Mr. Crocker. She also goes into denial about how bad a situation is going by trying to spin it positively. Another aspect of her personality is her high energy behaviour, as seen in her actions. Her emotions often end up coming across in extremes, such as her high level of excitement at the prospect of showing her friends her favourite TV show in The Fair Bears, or her anger that Timmy recommending they quit in "Girly Squirrely". She can lose her temper or become more unstable when stretched too far in these situations. She is especially susceptible to bouts of mania, extreme emotions or breakdowns, getting them often. When Chloe and her family aren't traveling, Chloe's parents tend to put a lot of pressure on her to make good choices and perform well. As a result, Chloe becomes extra self-conscious around them, even going as far as to have a nervous breakdown at the very mention of her possibly making a bad choice. It's not too far of a stretch to say her parent's pressure is likely the cause of her perfectionism. Her parents can be very judgmental of those around them, notably of the Turners, and have feuded with them on multiple occasions. They have tried to keep Chloe away from Timmy on multiple occasions, and once went as far as to consider moving. She used to have two fairy God-parents, but on her sixteenth birthday, her memories of Cosmo and Wanda were taken away by Jorgen Von Strangle. Chloe Carmichael is one of the few people at Statton Academy who is friends with Timmy Turner, and she is also one of the three people who know that Timmy does not love his girlfriend, Valerie. Of course, Chloe being herself, wanted Timmy to tell Valerie the truth, but Timmy knows that the truth would break Valerie's heart, so he continues with this lie, which Chloe doesn't approve of. Chloe is not popular at Statton Academy, and she is secretly in love with a boy who is popular, and his name is Sean Butler. Chloe has never had a boyfriend before. She used to be aromantic, until June 2021, when she started to secretly love Sean Butler. She has the same mission as Timmy's. Become popular. Unfortunately, her plan isn't working so far though, because the popular girls want nothing to do with Chloe. Tootie also does not want to become friends with Chloe, but that was mostly when Tootie was in love with Timmy. Tootie believed that Chloe and Timmy would fall in love with each other, but that never happened. Chloe knows that Timmy is secretly in love with Vicky, and that he is lying to Valerie when he tells her that he loves her.

Will Chloe Carmichael and Sean Butler ever become a couple? Or will Chloe get her heart broken if Sean does not love her? And will Chloe ever become popular? Or will she continue to be an unpopular girl with Timmy Turner?

Interested in Chloe Carmichael? Unfortunately for you, Chloe is taken.

Full Name: Valerie Elizabeth Smith.
Madelaine Petsch.
Grade: 12th (Senior).

Age: Seventeen-years-old.
Birthday: January 4th, 2004.
Is Valerie Smith Popular?: No.
Relationship Status: Valerie Smith is in a relationship with Timmy Turner right now.
Sexual Orientation: Valerie Smith is heterosexual.
Ex-Boyfriend: Valerie Smith does not have any ex-boyfriends yet.
Best Friends: Sophia Roberts, Marla Blanchard, and Sammi Lyman.
Friends: Summer Bishop, Melanie Andrews, Claire Lyons, and Kimi Watanabe-Finster.
Love Interest: Timmy Turner.
Other Connections:
This will be decided by Admin. J. of Statton Academy later.
Personality: Dorky, shy, a hopeless romantic, open-minded, and etc.
Valerie Smith Ever Drink Alcohol?: Never.
Valerie Smith Ever Go To Parties?: Never.
Valerie Smith Ever Use Drugs?: Never
Valerie Smith Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Valerie Smith Still a Virgin?: Yes.

Valerie Smith is not popular at Statton Academy. But shockingly, Valerie doesn't care what other people think of her. Timmy Turner has been Valerie's boyfriend ever since August 20th, 2016. Valerie is deeply in love with him. But she doesn't even know the real truth. Valerie knows that obviously Timmy is a little bit younger than her, but she secretly hopes to become his wife someday in the future. And Valerie even wants to become the mother of Timmy's children in the future. However, there is an extremely good reason why Timmy is dating Valerie. And if Valerie ever found out this reason, she might never talk to him ever again.

Valerie Smith and Timmy Turner continue to be a couple? Or will Valerie decide to break up with him? Will Valerie and Timmy really get married in the future? Or will Valerie's fairy tale happily ever after never come true?

Interested in Valerie Smith? Unfortunately for you, she is taken.


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