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"don't trust that smile.
behind those dark eyes a monster lies."

Name: Logan Jeremy Gibbs

Faceclaim: Michael Raymond James

Relationship: father

Age: 40

Location: somehwere in Georgia

Status: Alive

Occupation: Convicted Felon / Heroin Addict turned Occult Leader. For most of his late teen-early adult life, he never really held a job due to his heroin addiction. Although, he did manage to keep a job at a gas station during the first few years of his marriage. He spent several years in prison after being caught passed out on the floor with his wife during their most recent high in their apartment. Several crimes were added onto his sentence due to the fact their two-year-old daughter was home at the time. His most recent employment endevors have been given to him by the 'Master' of the cult, who has tasked him with murdering the remainder of his family and bringing his daugher home from NYC to Georgia to act as a sacrificial lamb.

Logan Jermey Gibbs, grew up in Georgia to the parents of Allan and Lane Gibbs. His parents were members of a cult known as the Communion of the Prophet (COTP). Their soul purpose in life was to serve the 'Master' (the leader of the cult) by working and living basically like the pilgrims did and living out of the world of sin - aka the world outside their very corrupt sect - in order to gain their salvation.

Logan originally ran from the path of "salvation" and into the real world (New York City, the Big Apple). This is where he met his wife (Ansley Warren) and also became addicted to heroin whilst living on the streets and doing whatever he could to get by. He had no life skills growing up and he had to learn everything about the 'real world' by living in the worst of it.

He married his wife Ansley and the pair worked in a gas station together. They barely made ends meet for themselves - often having the lights and heat turned off when they chose to pay for their drug of choice rather than the bills.

A few months into their marriage, Ansley became pregnant and gave birth nine months later to a daughter the pair never wanted. They often neglected their child, choosing to get f***ed-up instead of actually parenting. Jude was often left home with the neighbors while Logan and his wife worked and did extra-curricular activities.

When Jude turned two, Logan and Ansley were found passed out on their kitchen floor with their daughter a few feet from where they lay. Logan lost all parental rights to Jude that day and was sent to prison for several years.

Logan left prison a different man. When he and Ansley were released, he returned with his wife to his hometown in Georgia with a vengence and murdered his parents, believing and blaming them for his 'sh*t life'.

It was during this time, the leader of the cult approached him stating that it was the will of the 'Father' that he become his successor. What Logan didn't know was the man was possessed by a demon who was calling the shots, and he saw potential in Logan and wanted to take over his body as host.

Logan had no interest in taking over as leader, but in the end, he was given one of two options: gain all the power the demon holds over the cult or die. He chose the former of the two options.

Even though Logan hated the cult, he liked the idea of power, and he didn't want to die. He was tasked with the job of killing the remainder of his family - including his wife - and bringing his daughter (Jude) back from New York City to act as the 'sacrificial lamb' in his initiation.

During this time of murdering the remainder of his family (where he would leave behind - drawn in the dirt / sand - the 'Masters Mark' beside every body) Logan found himself being tracked down by the local authorities - who followed him back to New York City to track down and kidnap Jude and bring her back to Georgia. (storyline currently in progress - writing with

*The remainder of Logan's story will be told through both Sully's writer and myself and will continue as we write it and discover more.
"She was a good girl under too much pressure to perform - to do as she was told - to follow along."

Name: Ansley Sarah (nee Warren) Gibbs

Faceclaim: Bethany Joy Lenz

Relationship: mother

Location: six-feet in the ground. (last living residence: somewhere in Georgia)

Status: deceased (she was murdered by her husband, logan jeremy gibbs)

Occupation/Education: She worked as a Clerk at three different local gas stations to pay the bills (or more so she could pay for her and her husbands drug addiction) while she lived in New York City before she was arrested and sent to prison. She came a from a family with money and went to Berklee in Boston.

She was a singer and an all around performer - a very good one at that. Her parents disowned her when they found out she dropped out of school and moved to New York City to try and make it on Broadway after a talent scout promised her the world.

Ansley Sarah (nee Warren) Gibbs was born in Cape Cod, Massachusetts to a very wealthy family. She had all things money could buy growing up and never wanted. She had a big heart, a bright smile, and truly was an all around good person.

She was filled with a talent for music - singing and all performing arts, really.

She was destined for great things.

When she was a senior in high school, Berklee College of Music offered her a full-ride scholarship - which she happily accepted. However, her time at Berkley was not what she'd hope for. She quickly found herself addicted to alcohol and drugs to deal with all of the pressure.

It was during this time when she met a talent scout from New York City who promised her a 'life on the stage' (Broadway) if she left school and came with him. Against her better judgement, she followed him home to the Big Apple. Her parents disowned her - completely cutting off all ties and never spoke to her again - when Ansley dropped out of school and refused to return home.

The talent scout did keep his promises to her, but what was once an act of kindness from his "heart" became an opportunity to only give as long as he was being given. He got to a point where he would only send her on auditions if she gave him sexual favors.

This was a lifestyle Ansley had not signed up for, but it was either do as she was told and have s\ex with a man who was providing for her financially and putting a roof over her head (and getting her auditions) or run away and live on the streets.

She kept up this lifestyle for a few years until she couldn't take anymore.

Ansley did finally run away from the unnamed talent scout and was able to completely cut ties. Though it came with a price, and that price was her doing what she had to do to get by. Without her parents money and no education to fall back on, and a refusal to give herself up fro s/ex to earn money, Ansley walked into the nearest gas station she found and applied to work as many shifts as she needed in order to make ends meet for herself. One gas station ended up with her working for three, living a miserable life she never wanted.

She was heavily addicted to alcohol at this time. It was how she dealt with her depression - and obviously it only made her even more depressed - and somehow she managed to keep herself afloat during this time while she juggled three jobs.

"For a woman who could produce a beautiful melody from her lungs, she sure didn't have a voice when it came to what she wanted."

This was where she met her husband, Logan Jeremy Gibbs. He was the one who got her hooked on heroin. The couple 'fell in love' and worked to make money to pay for the cheapest place possible in order to get their drugs.

To Ansley's dismay, not too long into their marriage, she became pregnant and gave birth to a child she never wanted nine months later. It's not that she didn't like kids. There was once a time - in another life - she dreamed of being a mother, but not in this one. She'd seen too much of the cold, cruel world and wanted nothing more than to get f/ucked until her drug of choice took her.

Ansley's dream of not being a mother was granted to her two years into raising Jude. One day, she and Logan were found passed out on the floor while Jude was home and strapped into her high chair. It was that day she lost all parental rights to her daughter and spent awhile in prison.

Prison changed Ansley. She was forced to become sober, and it was in her sobriety, she realized all the wrong she had done.

When she was released, she wanted to start over and make things right. She wanted to regain custody of their daughter, but Logan, who was released not too long after her...  didn't allow it.

He had other plans.

He forced her to come back home to Georgia with him. She'd never lived in the South before and hated every single minute of it. Her depression quickly came back now that she was farther than ever from her child and wasn't able to leave her abusive husband.

A few months into their stay in Georgia, Logan confessed to murdering his parents, and this is where he also confessed the truth to her about his past and his families ties with the cult (COTP).

All of this truth made Ansley hate him even more, but he wouldn't let her go... he kept threatening that he would kill her too if she left.

After Logan made a deal with the demon who acted as 'Master' of COTP, he was instructed to murder anyone he had ties with - this included his wife.

Detectives Dandridge (Sully) and Monaghan pronounced Ansley as 'brutally murdered' after her body was found in her apartment in Georgia.

"She never stood a chance in this cold, cruel world."

- -  below are the crime scene photos from Ansley's murder that were leaked to the press during the on-going investigation.

*ansley's story pretty much ends here, and it breaks my heart because the more i wrote about her, the more i fell in love with her and wanted better things for her. this is another part of jude's main story-arc that i'm writing with sully. he and i will add anything else to her story if/when the time comes.


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