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08/28/2021 04:16 PM 

Roomies - Reply to Trench

You ever have one of those moments in your life where you just want to burst out crying?

Not because you're some f\ucking cry baby or anything like that, but more so... you don't know how to handle the emotion you've got swelling up inside?

Well, if you've ever had one of those moments, you understand Jude's state of mind in this very moment.

- -

Standing out in the middle of the carpark with her new friend Trench, talking about the prospect of actually starting her life - having a place to call her own - and not only that... having someone to share it with, she realized in that moment, this was it - even more so than before.

This was the moment her life was truly beginning - becoming her own - outside of what Cecilia (her social worker) had wanted for her.

This was a moment that Jude got to spread her wings even further and figure out who the h\ell she was meant to be in this world.

She was even being given the option to come and go as she pleased - not having to settle down or make any long term plans.

She'd never had anything like that, and it was overwhelming at best.

Her eyes never left Trench.

This woman was cool.

She carried herself like someone who didn't give a flying f\uck what anyone thought.

Jude wanted to be like that.

She also had always wanted to smoke.

Yeah, she knew it wasn't healthy for her, but she had always enjoyed the smell, and as the smoke from Trench's lungs was released into the air, Jude couldn't help but close her eyes for just a quick moment and take in the smell.

This b\itch was dope.

Sophia Lillis as Sydney Novak in I Am Not Okay Wit... - Tumbex

Jude let out a chuckle when Trench talked about keeping the food stocked acting as her task in regards to 'earning her keep' at the apartment. "You got yourself a deal."

She looked back to the diner.

Her eyes looked upward toward the top-half of the building where the apartment she currently had a short-lease on resided.

This time had been coming, and as much as she was ready to get the show on the road - find a place that had more than a six-month lease - it didn't meant the process of continuing on - moving along further into the world of adulthood - was any less scary.

But she had to start looking sometime. She had to step-out of the fear before her six-months ran out.

And here was her opportunity, staring her directly in the face. Most would've probably called her crazy for trusting a woman she barely knew, but what the h\ell else did she have?

And to be quite honest? She trusted Trench more than anyone else she'd met up to this point.

Her mind was made up. This was happening.

Jude's attention returned to Trench. "Let's do this sh\it."


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