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November 09, 2013


08/23/2021 09:17 PM 

Hiatus Request Form.

A full hiatus can be taken when you know that you will not have access to your account and will be completely unable to come online!

A semi-hiatus can be taken when you aren’t sure if your activity can be up to speed with what you need, but you must post in character on each of your characters at least once every week during a semi-hiatus!

Please note that you may not take up any new characters while on any hiatus!

A full hiatus cannot last longer than fourteen days.

We will only allow muns who have an injury to have an indefinite full hiatus.

We also accept an indefinite semi-hiatus for our members if you don’t know how long you need off as long as you have a good reason for an indefinite semi-hiatus.

To request a hiatus or a semi-hiatus, please fill out the following form, and send it in via our ask box!

( Mun ) is in need of a ( full or semi-hiatus ) starting on ( start date ), so please put ( please list out all of your characters in this RPG ) on hold until ( return date ). The reason why you need a full hiatus or a semi-hiatus. You can say ‘for personal reasons’ if you don’t feel comfortable with sharing!



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