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More Available Male Characters

Full Name: Remy Matthew Buxaplenty.
Playby: Ross Lynch.
Grade: 11th (Junior).
Age: Sixteen-years-old.
Birthday: October 21st, 2005.
Is Remy Buxaplenty Popular?: Yes. Remy is the second most popular guy at Statton Academy.
Relationship Status: Remy Buxaplenty is single right now.
Sexual Orientation: Whoever gets accepted as Remy Buxaplenty will be allowed to decide on his sexual orientation.
Siblings: Demi Buxaplenty (half-sister).
Ex-Girlfriends: Remy Buxaplenty does not have any ex-girlfriends yet.
Friends: Whoever gets this role can decide on who Remy Buxaplenty will be friends with.
Secret Love Interest: No one.
Positive Personality Traits: Intelligent, resourceful, cautious, cunning, brave, clever, quick-witted, witty
Negative Personality Traits:  sarcastic, spoiled, self-centered, stubborn, egotistical, smug, arrogant, selfish, manipulative, deceitful
Does Remy Buxaplenty Ever Drink Alcohol?: Yes.
Does Remy Buxaplenty Ever Go To Parties?: Yes.
Does Remy Buxaplenty Ever Use Drugs?: Never.
Does Remy Buxaplenty Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Is Remy Buxaplenty Still a Virgin?: Yes.
This Character Is Based Upon The Fairly OddParents Character: Remy Buxaplenty.


Full Name: Arnold Shortman.
Playby: Peyton Meyer.
Grade: 11th (Junior).
Age: Fifteen-years-old.
Birthday: October 7th, 2005.
Is Arnold Shortman Popular?: No.
Relationship Status: Arnold Shortman is in a relationship with Lila Sawyer.
Sexual Orientation: Whoever gets accepted as Arnold Shortman will be allowed to decide on his sexual orientation.
Ex-Girlfriends: Arnold Shortman does not have any ex-girlfriends yet.
Best Friend: Gerald Johanssen.
Friends: Stinky Peterson, Eugene Horowitz, Harold Berman, Rhonda Wellington-Lloyd, Lila Sawyer, and Phoebe Heyerdahl.
Other Connections: Helga G. Pataki (Arnold's arch-rival).
Love Interest: Lila Sawyer.
Positive Personality Traits: calm, nice, kind, optimistic, helpful, upbeat, and a smart idealist who always sees the best in people despite how unkind, outlandish or sneaky some of them may be.
Negative Personality Traits: dense, shallow, and naïve.
Does Arnold Shortman Ever Drink Alcohol?: Never.
Does Arnold Shortman Ever Go To Parties?: Never. He does not get invited into any parties hosted by the popular students.
Does Arnold Shortman Ever Use Drugs?: Never.
Does Arnold Shortman Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Never.
Is Arnold Shortman Still a Virgin?: Yes.
This Character Is Based Upon The Hey, Arnold! Character: Arnold Shortman.

Biography: Arnold is an open-minded and laid-back individual. It may have been from growing up in a boarding house around people from all different backgrounds and in all different places in their lives. Arnold’s parents went missing when he was a baby, so he was raised by his grandparents who owned the boarding house. His grandma and grandpa were eccentric, to put it simply, but Arnold loved how he grew up. He only wished his parents could’ve been there for it, too. He still holds out hope that they’ll come home one day.

Arnold is a problem-solver and he uses the skill and motivation to help others. Anytime he meets anyone in need, he has to do everything he can to help them, even if it’s just a little bit. Because of Arnold being such a giver, he often finds himself over-extended and stressed from worrying so much about everyone but himself. Still, Arnold is likeable, and outgoing. The only people who actually don't like Arnold are the popular students, like Arianna Heatherly, Camilla Sanders, and Kennedy Fogler. Arnold has been dating Lila Sawyer for the past two years. At first, she only liked him as just a friend, but then she had become madly in love with him. He has been happy with Lila so far, but he did not ever find out that Helga G. Pataki was in love with him.

Will Arnold Shortman and Lila Sawyer continue to be a couple? Or will something break them up? Will Arnold continue to be naïve and shallow? Or will he change his personality?

Interested in Arnold Shortman? Fortunately for you, he is still available right now!


Full Name: Brandon Spencer Allen.
Playby: Taylor Lautner.
Grade: 12th (Senior); Brandon Allen is a Second Year Senior.
Age: Seventeen-years-old.
Birthday: December 29th, 2003.
Is Brandon Allen Popular?: Yes.
Relationship Status: Brandon Allen is single right now.
Sexual Orientation: Whoever will get accepted as Brandon Allen will be allowed to decide on his sexual orientation.
Ex-Girlfriends: Kennedy Fogler, and Vicky Statton.
Best Friends: Landon Kingman, and Peyton Weller.
Friends: Sean Butler, and Shelby Lange.
Secret Love Interest: Kaya Reed.
Other Connections: This will be decided by Admin. J. of Statton Academy later.
Personality: athletic, competitive, rebellious, cocky, full of himself, sexy, and flirtatious.
Does Brandon Allen Ever Drink Alcohol?: Yes.
Does Brandon Allen Ever Go To Parties?: Yes.
Does Brandon Allen Ever Use Drugs?: Yes.
Does Brandon Allen Ever Smoke Cigarettes?: Only sometimes.
Is Brandon Allen Still a Virgin?: Yes.

Biography: Brandon Allen is one of the bad boys at Statton Academy. Brandon is hot and he definitely knows that he's hot. He is on the Varsity Football Team at Statton Academy. Brandon just so happens to be the very best football player at Statton Academy. He has been attending Statton Academy for the past three years. Brandon had transferred to Statton Academy three years ago, and his previous school was the same school that the other transfer students had attended. Brandon is one of Vicky Statton's ex-boyfriends. Their relationship had lasted for four weeks total. Brandon's other ex-girlfriend is Kennedy Fogler. She is the second most popular girl at Statton Academy. But this time, Brandon broke up with Kennedy after dating her for seven months. He broke up with Kennedy exactly one year ago, on December 10th, 2020. The reason why Brandon broke up with Kennedy was because he had started to secretly love someone else, and her name is Kaya Reed. Brandon has now been secretly in love with Kaya for the past one year, and he still hasn't even told her that. The main problem with this is that she is Kennedy's best friend, and Brandon doesn't know if Kennedy stopped loving him or if she is still in love with him. After Brandon broke up with Kennedy, he decided not to become friends with her, and they haven't spoken to each other for the past one year. Brandon constantly avoids Kennedy at school, and every time he sees her, he quickly walks in a different direction so that she won't be able to talk to him. And the very last thing that is known about Brandon Allen is that he is a Second Year Senior at Statton Academy, because he had played hookey so many times during the 2020-2021 school year and he wasn't able to graduate in the Class of 2021. But if Brandon doesn't graduate in June 2022, unfortunately his parents will force him to join the military. And truthfully, Brandon doesn't want to join the military.

Will Brandon Allen and Kaya Reed ever become a couple? Or will Brandon decide to give his heart to someone else? Will Brandon ever talk to Kennedy Fogler again? Or will Brandon continue to avoid her at Statton Academy?


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