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The Secret Place

The Secret Place
1x1 with Raising Hell
Artful Dodger/Enzo St. John / 1714375
Captivity had been such a huge part of his immortal life. At least the Augstiines kept him in a cage. The monster’s name was Sybil and she had cast a spell on him that had kept him subjugated to her will. Enzo St. John was actually quite adept at the art of subterfuge when it came down to it. It was thanks to the endless decades of captivity by the Augustines. He had this little place in his mind that he kept all to himself. In this little sanctuary no one could find him there. Sybil could reach into his mind, but this little spot was completely closed off to her.

There was another reason he stayed here. That was the older vampire Damon Salvatore. Damon had fallen completely under Sybil’s control. Despite how he might have shown it, Enzo did care about what happened to Damon. He had given up everything so Damon could escape from the Augustines only to be left for dead. Logically he should just let Damon rot with Sibyl, but he couldn’t. He was one of the very few people that cared what actually happened to Damon. He couldn’t give up on Damon. Giving up on anyone would be like what happened to him and his human family. Enzo was a hundred plus year old vampire with abandonment issues. Who could have ever imagined it?

Damon and Enzo were in a hotel swimming pool waiting on their captor to have her fill with her latest meal and the laps in the pool afterward. Enzo was sitting in a chair with feet both planted on the ground. His fingers were laced in front of him as he sat forward in the chair. Enzo was agitated beyond belief. This whole thing was insane. He wanted to get up and walk away. He needed to get up and walk away, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t risk Sibyl finding out about his mental place where he kept that little piece of his own mind and who he was hiding there. “Can we just get back to business or not? Sticking around here makes me nervous.” Enzo was shifting in his seat as he watched the Siren take another slow lap around the pool.

“Enzo…” She purred in wicked delight. “What’s the rush? We’ve got all eternity here. Are you that anxious to get rid of me?” She swam down toward the edge of the pool where Enzo was sitting. “You can’t have anywhere better to be, I'm sure.” She used her feminine wiles to try and endear herself to Enzo.

While he had to admit that she was a beautiful woman, what she was, made her hideously ugly. Besides that, there was only one woman who held that place in his heart and it sure as hell wasn’t her. “Of course not, but I’ve got this little issue about being held against my will. It makes me break out in a cold sweat. You remember don’t you Damon? The Augustines and their parties were terribly boring, especially considering they were drinking my blood as a c ocktail.”

He watched Sibyl grin at him with that predatory smile. He felt suddenly like a gazelle on the African Savannah. He had to do whatever he could to keep Bonnie from being targeted by this demoness. Damin it all to hell. Sibyl’s head rolled back with a throaty laugh. “Oh Enzo, you’re so adorable.” She turned from the Brit and began another lap around the pool. The carcass of her last meal was floating in chunks in the middle of the water. Even the smell of chlorine couldn’t wipe out the stench of death that hung low in the room.

As a vampire, Enzo was used to being told by werewolves and other supernatural creatures with a halfway decent scent of smell that he smelled like death. It came with the territory. Technically a vampire is dead. He’d died over one hundred years ago on a boat heading to New York from England of Consumption. He didn’t realize he’d wake up later on the boat as a member of the undead with a burning thirst for human blood. The whole thing was a bum deal. At least if he’d died for good of consumption then he wouldn’t be lost in this mess right now.

That was when his opinion started to change. The other vampire in the room that still looked like he had the day he was turned back in 1864. Enzo loved him like a brother. And of course there was his witch that he loved more than his own life. If he’d have died back then for good, he’d have never known the meaning of true love. That was only in the arms of one Bonnie Bennett. Damn, Damn, Damn, Damn! He thought to himself doing his best to keep those barriers up and hidden from Sibyl.

Sibyl stopped her lap and began to tread water in one space. “Enzo… What are you keeping from me?” She actually seemed surprised when she’d tried to penetrate the walls of his mind. “Or is it a who…?” Sibyl had a look of disgust that made her features nearly monstrous. “Tell me!”

Enzo felt his blood start to run cold. Had he created enough of a hole in his mind that she was able to peak in through that breach? He immediately put that wall back up more firmly in place than before. “Don’t be daft. You’d know there’s nothing that you haven’t already seen.” Enzo gave her a cheeky smile. He was a fast talker even back to his human life. It was how he’d gotten on the damned boat in the first place. He did some fast talking to Lily Salvatore. Now he was going to have to keep talking or else there was a real possibility that Sibyl was going to turn his best friend against him. He didn’t want to have to kill Damon, but if it meant that he would be able to get back to Bonnie in one piece he wouldn’t hesitate. Bonnie was more than worth it. She was everything.

"Have a heart that never hardens, and a temper that never tires, and a touch that never hurts." - Charles D*ckens
credit: james kriet


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