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March 15, 2021


08/02/2021 09:58 PM 

#8 Personality AC

Armani feels every emotion very strongly. Whenever he's happy, he's quite literally on cloud nine. Nothing can bring him down. He wants everyone to be happy when he is. He'd quite literally do anything for anyone to make their day better. 

When he's angry, he wants to pop off and get slick out the mouth but the Lithium helps control his want to physically kick someone's ass. It takes quite a lot for Armani to physically hurt someone. The physical altercations are very far and few between.

Disappointment is very difficult for Armani to deal with, especially when he's a disappointment to himself. He's easily frustrated and upset. He'll often disappear or lock himself up in his home. Or he'll throw himself into work. He's not overly sensitive but he does have emotions. He tends to beat himself up over situations that are out of his control.

Love is something Armani feels strongly and quickly. Lust does play a role in what fuels his love, however, it isn't entirely physically based. Lately, it's easier for him to grow attached to people who care for him, who understand him, who don't shut him down, or shrug him off in public. If they claim him publicly; he'll do the same. He falls hard and fast, regardless of intimacy. Despite his love language being physical touch, he also enjoys gift-giving.


Whenever anyone outside of The Organization questions Armani about The Program he speaks highly of all of the leaders and other members. Armani is very grateful for Thatcher and the job he has given Armani within Sanctum, though he's not able to speak on it due to privacy issues. He often recommends others to join and offers to make their acceptance easier. Armani is always in need of employees for his nightclub and has no issue giving anyone a chance at a better life - just as he was offered.


Armani doesn't enjoy anyone coming for him or attacking him, especially if it's out of left field. However, simply because he doesn't enjoy it, doesn't necessarily mean he'll waste his breath defending himself. If someone wants to assume he's a bad person, then that's their issue, not his. He knows he's a good person and would quite literally do anything for anyone, as long as they are on decent terms. If someone was truly in need of help; it's difficult for Armani to say no. Personally attacking him is a reflection of them and not him. Armani typically doesn't try and provoke others. None of his jokes are meant to be taken further than that.


Most of Armani's reactions and feelings come from his past and how he was treated by people who used to be important to him. He's never had much luck in love but it's never stopped him from trying. In the past, he was never taken seriously, never given the right opportunities to make something of himself, facing many obstacles but still surpassed all odds and truly made something of himself, despite becoming a young father and living off damn near during his years of college.

His bipolar disorder with psychosis, depression, and anxiety all play into his emotions and his extremes. Everything he feels is enhanced by the mental illnesses. He uses medications to help control everything although he was severely undermedicated for years and never really experienced therapy until recent years. Now that he's finally getting himself help; he's able to understand his feelings better.


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