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07/22/2021 09:12 PM 

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This is more a what I will, and will not write rather than rules. I assume things like, not godmodding and respecting the scale of time I get back to you in are a given by now.

What I will write:
Star Trek, Khan's time-line in all its forms:
Eugenics Wars (mid '90's), Space Seed (ToS), The Wrath of Khan, Into Darkness. - I am very familiar with Khan's history so I am more than happy to discuss those for stories.
AU - I love a good AU. Please hit me with all the AU ideas - be they silly or serious.
Want to run around being Pirates in 1690 - hook me up. 
Want to survive the zombie apocalypse (in space) - I am in.
Want to bust out of jail together - I'm down.
Crossovers - We can make most of these work I am sure.
Theme wise, I am pretty much up for anything. Angst, violence, gore, adventure, sci-fi (of course).

Bear in mind:
Khan can be relied on to do what is best for Khan and his agenda. 
He is not always nice, he genuinely believes he is better than everyone.
He is calculating and manipulative, cold and cruel but also charismatic.

What I won't write.
Smut for smuts sake
Anything involving non-consensual stuff.
Minors - it makes me uncomfortable.
I am not keen on playing house either - we could go out there and take the universe, why would we write sitting about living next door to one another... unless it is a key part of taking over the world...


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