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07/22/2021 03:18 PM 

I need to punch! [Drabble]

Buttercup was a tomboy, through and through - she wasn’t like her sisters Bubbles and Blossom, they knew how to express their emotions, they knew that bottling everything up wasn’t healthy, some deep part inside her knew as well but she liked getting her rage out through fighting. Her infamous line ‘I NEED TO PUNCH!’ ringing through her ears whenever she was pushed off the deep end. Buttercup believed she wasn’t an angry person, someone full of rage who didn’t know where to put her pent up rage - it couldn’t be her. 

Joining as many clubs that would put her strength to its limits never seemed enough. She was a fighter, pushing it too far to be kicked out of every single sport she joined. It wasn’t long until her father had grown concerned for the aggressive girl. “I think we need to put you through anger management classes.” Her father spoke to her in his usual soft tone, while she was sitting at the table with a spoon in her mouth, letting the spoon fall from her mouth, clanking on the table. Hands slamming down onto the table as she pushed herself up. “I DON’T need any goddamn classes! Nothing is wrong with me.” She spoke through gritted teeth, trying - and failing - to keep her composure in front of everyone, while her sisters gawked at the two about to start an argument. “B, I think pops just is concerned for you, you’re on the verge of getting kicked out of school.” Blossom started chiming in.

Shut up, little miss perfect. Everyone has to be just like Straight A student Blossom.” She shot a glare now at her sister, the perfect one in the family one, the one who could do no wrong. As they got older Buttercup started resenting her sister, of course she loved her through thick and thin but anytime she tried lecturing her about the way she acted struck a nail between their relationship. “Buttercup, no one is saying to be like Blossom,” A soft voice from Bubbles now, she could fight her own, but the blonde was always afraid of Buttercup’s anger, Green hues now shooting a glare at the blonde, “Why don’t you keep your mouth shut and just keep doing what you do best being the ‘prettiest girl around.” She could already hear a snivel from Bubbles before rolling her eyes, dramatically of course she slammed the chair from behind her back and stormed out of the room.

Buttercup knew she was just acting up, knew that she was going to walk back into that house and apologize for the way she was acting and everything would go back to being normal - thus having the same discussion in a week or so. Maybe she should take the help they were trying to offer her, it was fear that made her back away, would she still be the same person? She couldn’t chance it, she didn’t want to be perfect like Blossom, she didn’t want to be adorable like Bubbles, she wanted to be well herself.

The raven haired girl wandered off to the dump, where she had managed to make herself a perfect makeshift version of a personal gym. All she really had was a couple sandbags tied up to some pole she managed to salvage. Tying her hair back now, throwing her bag to the floor she went at it. Every second she would go back to pretending it was her sisters, her father, the school teachers, even going to the Gangreen Gang - specifically Ace. Not that she had seen much of the snake-like leader, but her spiral began right after what happened between the two. She was foolish to think anything good would happen between the two, thinking her school girl crush meant something. A loud outcry had escaped her lips while her eyes were closed tightly, each swift punch kept going faster and faster until someone had called out to her making her realize what she was doing.

Woah! Woah, slow down there killer, I think you’ve done enough to the poor bag.” 

That voice, she shot a glare at the male, though it was only playful as she had now looked towards her damage, the bag ripped from underneath her, just pouring out all its content while she looked at scraped knuckles, a smear of blood and bruises on her. “Let me guess, Blossom sent you?” She kicked at the sand underneath her shoes, waiting for him to get closer. “Come on BC, I can’t come on my own accord?” An arch brow shot his way before he put his hands up, letting out a laugh. “Alright fine fine ya caught me. She’s worried about you, and said I’d know what’s up.

A sigh escaped her lips while she walked over towards him now, the pain on her hands dulled whatever anger she was feeling as she slumped down on the ground besides him, waiting for him to take a seat, “Ya know Butch, one day you’re going to feel my wrath too.” She said with a humorless laugh, gaining her a shrug from the male. “Eh, when it happens I’ll be excited for the day.” She wasn’t sure if she should roll her eyes or laugh at the stupidity that was him. “So, what is up BC? You seem.. Off more than usual, wanna talk about it?” 

What are you my fxcking therapist?” She said with a snarl, “Ya know, I’m not like Bubbles or Blossom, with all their stupid emotions. I'm one of the guys, I don’t cry, talk about my emotions, it’s all a bunch of bullshxt. But… I feel, I feel so much and I don’t know what to do with it. And if you tell anyone I swear to god I will beat the ever loving shxt out of you.

She joked, it was the only way to get rid of whatever ache she was feeling in her chest, even if she got a weird look from him, it didn’t matter at that moment. “Wanna come over?” Quickly she jolted back from him, another glare sent his way, “Not like that you little pervert, I want to show you something.” Her mouth opened then closed watching him get up as he dusted himself off before reaching his hand to her, helping her get up as well. “Fine, but if you try showing me your dxck again, they’ll never find your body.” She half-threatened. “Yeah yeah, you’re never going to let me live that down are you?”

She grinned at him now, shaking her head. “Not a chance.”


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