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07/22/2021 12:57 PM 

Valkyrie Reborn ~ Drabble

It was late at night, the group having gathered after one of Tony's parties and Thor having suggested they played the Midgardians game known as Truth or Dare, they all now sat around the table. Natasha who had just took her turn for a date looked at Stephanie. "Truth or Dare, Steph?" She asked while leaning back, taking a drink from the beer bottle in her hand, an obvious smirk on her face. Stephanie just shook her head.

"I know that look, Nat. I'm going with Truth." She said laughing. Nat just smiled and thought for a moment before speaking. "Alright. Were you ever courted by someone back in the 40's and if so who was he and did you like him?" She asked. The question having caught Stephanie off guard took her a few minutes to process. "Well I wasn't expecting that!" She said as she heard chuckles escaping everyone as they watched, waiting for her answer. "But to answer your question...no a man never courted me in the forties." She said her eyes flicking to Bucky for only a second, which was seemingly noticed by her brother before she looked back at Nat. "However I did like someone...but I told him goodbye instead of telling him how I felt. Then he disappeared and I regretted not telling him." She explained.

Everyone sat in silence for a moment, wondering just who it was Stephanie was speaking of, however Steve knew. He could see it in his sister's eyes, their unspoken bond as twins. Stephanie began to grow nervous as she took a drink, her sleeve raising only slightly but enough to reveal the mark on her arm. "That's a cool tattoo. Where'd you get it?" Wanda asked. 

Stephanie looked at her in confusion before looking at her arm. "Oh it's not a tattoo. Ask Steve. It's been there since we were kids. It's a weird birthmark I guess." She shrugged. It was then she noticed Thor staring at her. "You know you could just take a picture....it would last longer?" She said, confused as to why he was suddenly starring at her. After a moment Thor spoke.

"That, Lady Stephanie is no Birthmark, but the mark of a Valkyrie." He said. "Warriors of Asgard who died years ago, all except for one. It seems the soul of one of the fallen has been reborn down here on Earth." He said. Stephanie just stared at him. "You've got to be joking right?" She asked. "He's joking right?" She asked looking at the others. 

"That could explain why Hydra was so keen on keeping you around...perhaps you have abilities that lie dormant but have yet to be brought to the surface." Bruce said. "I mean reincarnation is something that's been studied for ages. It's not impossible. Perhaps they're hoping to find something." He continued to explain. "Maybe you're a Valkyrie Reborn?"

Stephanie just sat there, biting her bottom lip. "No...no. I'm just some...tomboyish girl from the forties, some girl from Brooklyn. I'm nothing like that. It's impossible. No...no being like some Valkyrie is going to want to reincarnate into someone like me." She stood up. "I...I need air." She said as memories began to flash through her mind.

Walking outside, she made her way to the roof where she soon heard footsteps behind her. "Steph..." It was Steve's voice. "What?" She asked. "Perhaps it's not as far fetched as it seems. I mean...you said it yourself and I know it. You've always been a bit....different. I know it must be difficult, with everything-" He started but she turned and cut him off. 

"No...Steve. You don't know. First I find out from Peggy that my Brother crashed into the Atlantic and we grieve because we thought you were dead....when Howard couldn't find you. My heart was shattered. Then to top it off I find out the reason Bucky hadn't been in contact was because he had disappeared and my heart shattered all over again...not long after that all I remember is being frozen, turned into some Monster, I fought the man I loved on multiple occasions because our memories had been wiped clean." 

She stopped taking a deep breath. She hadn't even realized she had started crying until she felt the warm tears running from her eyes. "The two men I loved more then anything were gone....and there wasn't a damn thing I could do. Then when I had sworn to protect you....I almost killed you. Valkyries are warriors who protect...they don't kill out of cold blood. They fight. They fight till the end. Why would someone like that want to reincarnate into someone like me?" She asked.

It was at that moment she noticed another figure on the roof. Looking over she noticed Bucky and her face went pale. "I...how much of that did you hear?" She asked, getting straight to the point. "Well...enough. Maybe all." He said giving a slight smile.

Closing her eyes, she walked past him. "Forget about this conversation, the both of you. Don't you dare tell the others." She said as she exited the roof, closing the door behind her as Steve and Bucky looked at each other. "Did you know?" Bucky asked and Steve held his hands up. "She's good at hiding her feelings. I don't know what goes on in her head half the time. She might be my twin but that doesn't mean I know everything." He said. "Just give her time...we need to find out if what Thor said has any truth behind it. We can't do that if she's worked up like this." 

Meanwhile Stephanie had returned to her room, locking the door behind her as she slid down the door, closing her eyes. "Damn it all..." She whispered before getting up. Walking over to a Mirror she pulled up her the sleeve of her shirt, looking at the mark on her arm that had been there since she could remember. "Who knew you were going to cause so much trouble..." She mumbled


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