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07/22/2021 12:56 PM 

Troubled Heart ~ Drabble

It was late at night, the moon high in the night sky, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of footsteps and heavy breathing as Stephanie ran, Hydra Agents following close behind. She had left the Avengers compound without giving Steve not Bucky any idea as to where she was heading but at this point she wish she would have. 

Turning a corner she found herself at a dead end, soon to be surrounded by Hydra. "You know...you could have made this easier on yourself." Rumlow said before the world around her went black. By time she woke up she found herself sitting, strapped to a familiar machine as she glared up at them. "You can all burn in Hell!" She said as a laugh echoed around her. "I don't think you're in a position to be making threats sweetheart." Rumlow said as a strong surge of electricity courses through her causing her to scream. 

"Now I'm only going to ask this once...you were an apprentice of Howard Stark. You aided S.H.I.E.L.D. back before your brother was turned into the world's first Super Soldier. You know Peggy Carters secrets. You know the success behind the Super Soldier Serum. There's more to this then you're letting on and I want to know what it is and you're going to tell me." He said, his face directly in front of hers. 

Stephanie just smirked. "You know plenty. You think I'm going to reveal their secrets just like that? You can burn in hell. Besides I don't reveal adult business to little boys who make little threats." She said. Moments later she felt the back of Rumlows hand strike her across her face, feeling the blood gathering in her mouth. "You really think a little slap is going to get me to tell you everything?" She asked. 

Rumlow just smirked. "No. But how about we give your little friends a call?" He asked and Stephanie glared. "I'll make sure they don't tell you a damn thing you have no right-!" She said before Rumlow cut her off. "I HAVE EVERY RIGHT!" He yelled, staring into her eyes before a smirk slowly appeared on his face. "A troubled Heart...who is it you don't want to see you in such a weakened state? Your friends? Perhaps your brother...? Or perhaps the Winter Soldier?" Rumlow asked and Stephanie slammed her head into Rumlows, knocking him backwards. "His name is Bucky! He's not your damn tool you, bastard! He's my friend!" She said. 

Rumlow, having stumbled back a few feet laughed. "I see. You don't want him to see you like this. Weak... pathetic... vulnerable." He smirked. 

Stephanie could feel her anger begin to rise, the chains around her ankles and wrists beginning to crack as she pulled at them, her frustration growing. Rumlow having noticed this backed up slightly. "Forgot they gave you a dose of that super soldier serum to." He said chuckling as Stephanie broke the chains. 

A loud scream echoed through the walls of Hydra. Not of scream of pain, or fear...no. It was a scream of Anger. Suppressed anger that she had held in all these years. "You said you think you have the right?! You don't have the right! Your damn leader took my brother from me! Your damn group took Bucky from me! YOU TOOK EVERYTHING I HAD AND LEFT ME ALONE ONLY TO TURN ME INTO A MONSTER! A Monster that almost killed those I loved more then anything in this world! So tell me again, Rumlow who the hell has the right!" She said.

The Hydra Agents had seemingly backed away at this point, even Rumlow. There was fear, confusion, anger...a mixture of emotion in her eyes. "You have the right to nothing!" She whispered before moving, causing one of the pillars to collapse, bringing the roof above them down as she took off running, Rumlows words running through her mind. Did she really...truly have a troubled Heart? She needed answers...and she knew there was only one place she would truly find answers. She would have to return to where it all began...she would have to return to Siberia.


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