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07/21/2021 03:08 PM 

Mud and Blood - Part 1. {Crappy}

Part. 1

Somewhere in America; A cabin in the forest. 6:30 Am.

A blonde child ran through the forest, her head twisting back now and then to see what was behind her. Things snapped behind her back. The grass rustled in her escape, branches on the ground snapped either by her or something else. The girl tripped over one stone on the ground. Hitting the floor hard with a grunt, her face smeared with mud.

“F***!” Faith growled in irritation before climbing to her feet in distaste.

“Great, just great...”

The mud from the floor covered her entire outfit. Faith Blackwood was just a sixteen-year-old with blonde hair that reached her waist. Her hair was wet from the rain, sticking to her face and neck. Her red plaid shirt was wet and covered with muck. Faith sighed, wiping her hands on her ripped jeans to clean her hands. “Some stroll, this was...”

This was supposed to be a happy trip to the forest. Camping, he said, but something ever felt off about her father hiding them in the cabin or in their house back in Scotland.

Faith pushed herself from the tree and flinched when a twinge of pain went up to her arm. “Darn it. What the hell? Did that thing scratch me?”

Underneath, the mud and blood covered her right arm from the scratch on her elbow. The deep wound was healing in less than two hours. Faith’s brows knitted together, her hand rubbing the blood from the healed skin. This was insane. Her eyes are just seeing things. That was it.

At least... She wanted to think like that, but her reality differed from everything else. Her heart raced. She could just hear her heart pounding against her chest. Faith swallowed, closing her eyes. This happened all the time. A normal panic attack. She could control it like any other attack. When she opened them again, her eyes filled with tears as the tears painted her skin, along with the mud sticking to her face.

Faith soon fell to her knees after feeling her strength slip away. Her breathing quickened in minutes. Sh*t, sh*t. Nothing is working! She panicked in place, coughing and wheezing the more she tried to breathe. Faith placed her hands on the floor from her tears blurring her version she could have seen her hands growing with her fingers disappearing into paws. Her bones cracked in place, but she clenched her teeth together to keep herself from screaming out and bringing that thing back to her again.

Her body hunched over, growing into a more canine level of height. Her collarbone narrowed, leaving her legs and arms to snap into her legs. Light brown fur covered her from her hair down her back and skin. Her face was the last to narrow out into a snout, leaving her ears on her massive head. The blonde wolf shook her entire body and stepped over to a small puddle to see a blonde wolf in place of herself.

The triangle of ears flattened against her head while her brown eyes glanced in the direction she came from with a whine. Her back paws pushed forward and darted into the forest again. Melissa! I’m coming!


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