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Magic comes with a price


Magic always comes with a price
Snow White, the woman who usually had everything under control, was now a mess. Her life had fallen apart. But why? Why had it fallen apart? Was it cause she now had magic, that she seemed to have trouble controlling? Or was it that she was pushing people away?



Since returning from the alternate reality, when every one was everybody else, Snow had changed slightly. The Author had put Snow as the Evil Queen, and what Snow didn’t understand was why when they returned to Storybrooke, she still had magic. It was Dark magic and most days she couldn’t control it. She started pushing people away, afraid of hurting them. Magic always came with a price. And the price was her husband walking away, feeling like he couldn’t help her. The one person, apart from her daughter and grandson, that she loves the most was now walking away.


Snow stood at the window of the apartment, looking out as she watched David put his suit case into the box of the truck then jumping into the cab after giving her one last look. Resting her head on the window as he drove away, she felt the tears run down her cheeks. She was foolish for not letting him help her. Snow  knew that was all the he wanted to do was to help. But Snow was being stubborn and wanting to fix this herself.


Snow let her body slide along the wall until she sat with her back against it. Pity and anger ran through her body. She was shaking as she felt the magic running through her. “NO!!” She shouted, slamming her hands down on the floor, sending vibrations through the floor and up the walls. Bringing her hands up, she crossed them over her chest, making fists. “No” She said softly. How could she let herself get worked up? It could end badly for every one.


Snow hated that she was wallowing in self pity. Hated that she had pushed people away and had to watch David leave. Leave her, leave the life they had built. Snow loves David with everything she is. If it wasn’t for him, Snow would’ve been in the clutches of the Evil Queen a long time ago. But here it was, he was gone. Because of her. And how she thought she was strong enough to deal with her problem alone. Magic always comes with a price, it always did. And that price she paid because she was stubborn. Now she had to live with it because what she had done. Snow needed help, she had to get over herself and ask for help. But was it to late? Would she sink in and let the darkness take over now that she had no one? Snow stared at herself in the mirror that was across from her. She had to figure things out. Snow has to figure out who she is. But can she? 



And Snow White paid that price by losing her husband
Created by Patriot




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