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December 27, 2014


07/21/2021 07:01 PM 

The Mangled Fingers A Crime Thriller
Category: Stories
Current mood:  cranky


Mangled fingers have been turning up all over Silent Hill and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a gun, and still nobody has a clue who the arrogant killer is.

Officer Cybil Bennett is a slender and friendly cop with a fondness for booze. She doesn't know it yet but she is the only one who can stop the spiteful killer.

When her friend, Virginia Thomas, is kidnapped, Officer Bennett finds herself thrown into the centre of the investigation. His only clue is a peculiar knife.

She enlists the help of a charming doctor called Sharon Chen.

Can Chen help Bennett overcome her video games addiction and find the answers before the brutal killer and his deadly gun strike again?


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