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07/21/2021 03:41 PM 

Psycho Cybernetics

It's only an excuse, the greater the sum of the parts if for psycho cybernetics to be found among doctors and scientist in the name of you to be free from guilt for all those tickles. A new Encyclopaedia is made MultiUniversal killer, nothing goes serial with you two.
One day I will find the right words,
and they will be simple.

That self image that one sees at the end of the vision, that dream, that very piece who fits to a clue moulding a quantum leap of imagination getting closer to that evolving image from what you had in your life. You were stagnated, descending in a certain loop and it seems nothing happens away from it. Is so unnecessarily tense, collapsed in all those patterns that if I could articulate to move with alternative resistance, if to find the self image to be with in a journey in life to whom we were becoming.

  All those careers and professions, blood thirst and slashes of cuts presented from external sources, progress, unknowingly to form that part of action, reflecting whom would we want to be under this eternal conflict of poor choices. That's the battle, the trilogy of victims and murders talk to be keeping me away from the stand of a saviour in which I could not free any of both, but they call me.

  Programming skills, sales skills, the incongruence of high fidelity in how every pattern fits to repeat. How can I go back to more insides, if to trust the victim as anyone is not safe, free, rather than to hide or cover up to feel.

  Ashamed of our interpretation, preventing, journaling cruel crimes to identify the killer is perhaps the warmest attraction to a hit and then as the death embodies the opposite image, the over critical way of thinking sip in the sub-continuos to know the self of their relation. That part of the self, the attributes and behaviours, those delicate pieces and details of art shaping a last moment, the embalmment of a pleasant fragrance as a christmas gift wrapped for a kid who has wait for his favourite toy many years. Understanding Santa Claus could not bring it the years before and you wondered why trusting that maybe, some day, it remembers your completion. 

  If to communicate more effectible with the team, that capability translates in someone receiving that information and acting on it, but I don't trust anyone that much. I see the acts of the murderers as if it's made from my own hands and passions, my team won't trust me either since embracing their behaviours as they are part of my organisation, masters of the law and limitations, on every investigation they fear letting me go down that pathway.

  But they wan't me for those psychological tools, the flow, it brings us into a higher congruence to do such a thing. And will I betray them, the law and order, the interest of the people. If they are one with this vision, this environment. Paradigm, changing perspectives around, in the direction of lovers, life circling death, breathing it's last pulse as the ultimately willed the end as no other substance to take from to be that person, to be in a high degree even when the last minutes are counting down.

 The revelation of that, of outer world, of high sensory makes you appreciate the many layers of green in the outdoors, levelling to be a leader or perfect communicator, pulling a team for more effectiveness and collaborative way for what? To catch what? They will always seem to be confused, unless they do it for money and power. 

 What's to be revealed in the same environment, grown by effectiveness and reporting feet backs and who will be the killer. The lover on the loose, the shocker who fosters your mind. The artist who makes you warmer in that moment for all the hatred who was stored, optimising the ideal image sticks in my mind.

 My dogs, my cabin, the fields, one with. There is no pain enough to transmute to this faith, the fear of failure tapes away. 

 Only Quantum and psycho-cybernetics will prove the treasure that I see in the Great Red Dragon and Hannibal. Will fulfil the prophecy before going to the interaction, so they value the challenge, one with the vision to transmute the value of criticism and fear. All those resistances, the quantum leap strategy in suspense the disbelief so is not integrated in my being, as if I knew it was going to succeed with confidence. 

That ideal self image whom was destroy, it played out and it might continue half days from the week, it made peace with them. That stagnation healed and will return, because it moves me through the resistance going further, steeping into the next self image, the battle is won and I've surrendered. A greater sense of forgiveness was left longer ago before understanding rose, all those deaths, murders, it's just that,.. to imagine him doing that. 


|||   Psycho-Cybernetics   /|||



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