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Bryce had walked into the center as he had on many occasions before. This time for an Exit interview as phoebe called it. Finding his way to her office he looked around, silence filling the air aside from the water that trickled from a waterfall. Silence… The room was filled with so much silence. Crystal orbs rolled… If they rolled any harder, they would have rolled across the floor.  Tell me what you learned in the woods. The question being the only thing to kill the uncomfortable silence. As he pondered over the question he shifted in his seat. Crystal blue hues now settled on the blonde that sat across from him.

Bryce thought back to his time alone and away from the group and how therapeutic it was for him.  How he’d began to deal with his detox out there and how bad the withdraws were and still are. His palms twitched and the cravings became real. Clearing his throat, the male sat up more in his chair “I learned” he paused. Inked digits tunning through his hair “More about who I want to be” he finally spoke up. “What do you mean by that?” the blonde quickly asked causing him to chuckle lightly “I mean, I took the time to really get to know myself.” He started.

Getting up from the uncomfortable seat he walked around and leaned against the chair. “You have kids, you should understand.” He continued. Taking in a deep breath he began to spill it all “I took the time to get clean or well work on it. I want to do better; be a man my son can look up to and be proud of. I want to be the man that my girl needs, someone my friends can depend on and not have to check in on or wonder if my dumb ass is dead in a ditch someplace” he shook his head. “I want to be so many things and I realized I can not do those things while using, so yes, I learned something that may not even mean anything to you, or anyone else for that matter but something that means the world to me” he admitted.

Even thinking about it right then, he knew he couldn’t put it all into words. He looked at the blonde and shook his head once more. “Look I am not sure how to describe it... but I just know that the first step was to start getting clean. Take it one day at a time and work on not depending on drugs when I’ve had a hard day”. After a few hours of trying to explain what it was he learned and honestly failing epically, he finally grew frustrated “look I haven’t been the best person in life, the last thing Julian and Madeline need is a constant f*** up in the mix. I want to change and I want to do better for them and myself” he left it at that and opened the door. Heading back to the house where he could continue movie night with Julian.


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