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Clueless Entry

Clueless Intro
The Lockwood Estate was quite big. When he was five years old, it felt like a prison. Young Tyler was supposed to be the perfect child. All he ever wanted to do was just play. What was a 5 year old child supposed to know about debutantes, balls and proper behavior at a political function? The younger he was the more he played in the big empty rooms of Lockwood estate. As he got older everything changed.

It wasn't until now that Tyler realized just how big and empty the house really was. His parents were gone. His uncle Mason was gone. Tyler was the only one left. He didn't have to work, but he did. Caroline and Alaric had brought him aboard the school as a physical education teacher for the werewolves. It kept him out of trouble for the most part. Sometimes he would leave town with Jeremy Gilbert to go on a hunt. Being a fully recognized werewolf, he had these desires to go and run. Closed spaces made him anxious. When he did take off like that, he left the estate under the watchful eye of the Salvatore School.

The invitation had been left on his doorstep. The script on the invitation was obviously that from Caroline. As much as he hated to go to a dress up ball, he'd do anything for Caroline. The fire and spark they had, turned into a deep friendship. He pulled out the tuxedo and stepped into it with great ease. Tyler examined his reflection in the mirror. He looked much older than he originally thought. Even though he was a werewolf he was still aging. He was no longer a hybrid, so back to being a werewolf meant that he would start to get gray hair. He examined his facial hair making sure that his mustache was trimmed and looked presentable. He looked as though he was a respectable member of society even if he was actually a werewolf. Technically he could call himself an instructor for a private school, so that made everything sound far more important.

He had taken over the master bedroom several years ago. He reached into a jewelry box and pulled out a pair of cufflinks. The cufflinks looked like tiny crescent moons. He found it ironic that those had belonged to his father and his father had been an untriggered werewolf. Maybe subconsciously his father knew all along what was supposed to happen to his family. Then again, one never knew what went on in the mind of Richard Lockwood. Tyler reached for the suit jacket and slid it over his shoulders. The cufflinks were a nice touch. He exited the bedroom traveling down the stairs and out the front door of the huge mausoleum that he called home.

The jeep that he drove was in proper form. He drove it to the front gate of the location of the ball. The roads had been oddly clear as he made his way to Mystic Falls. If one believed in premonitions, this would be a very bad one. His time in Gatlinburg with the werewolf Thomas Farmer and his pack had made him more of a spiritual creature that he had been before. Thanks to the teaching of the Elder werewolf, Tyler started seeing things through other eyes. Being a born werewolf came with certain responsibilities. Coexistence was possible, but it involved a great deal of patience.

Tyler made his presence known by stepping through the doors and snatching a flute of champagne off the first waiter's platter that he saw. He rose the liquid to his lips and took a sip. Big brown eyes peered over the edge of the glass to make mental observations as to who was in attendance and who was yet to appear. It would be logical to assume that members of the faculty were invited. What he didn't expect to see was Kai Parker. Silent seething rage boiled under the surface of the handsome werewolf's exterior. He'd never forgotten the debacle at the wedding of Alaric and Jo. Olivia had given up her life so that Tyler could live and have a second chance. It was taking all he could muster not to rip Kai's head off.

A distraction came in the form of his friend Jeremy Gilbert and his girlfriend Anna who made their arrival. Seeing the Hunter made Tyler smile. Surely Kai would be stupid enough to try anything. Gilbert looked miserable enough, so that was enough to amuse Tyler for the time being. He started to look around for Caroline. After all he was here to help support his good friend and her attempt to raise money for the school. Tyler still had a small fortune available at his fingertips because of his father so he was able to make a donation to the cause.

Social functions now that he was an adult still felt like a prison. He had a behavior he had to maintain, so he did. That instruction was so deeply ingrained into him even though as a werewolf his emotions were already heightened. One too many beatings from Richard Lockwood as a child still kept him with a certain degree of control. As more people filed into the room he was starting to feel like a face in the crowd. He liked that just fine. Being in the background watching was something that he learned after he became a werewolf. Like wolves in the wild, he would wait and watch to see what was happening around him.

There were quite a few more students that were showing up to the ball. Some approached him and made remarks to him. His students often referred to him as Coach Lockwood. Given his background with sports when they were in high school all those years ago, Alaric and Caroline making him the physical education teacher for the werewolves was perfect. Nobody else could handle the werewolves and give them the exercise they needed. He even shifted into a werewolf and ran with the kids like a pack. It was actually quite invigorating. Who would have ever known that Tyler Lockwood would be so fond of kids? An amused smile turned his mustache lip upward. Here's to hoping that tonight wasn't a total wash. He told himself.

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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