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Fear Everything.

Fear Everything
attn: Marcel / mention: Klaus and Caroline
Several of the younger wolves of the bayou were already moving in to take care of the victim that was recently discovered. Even in the middle of this world that was upside down, Tyler knew the importance of saying goodbye to one of your own. He wasn't a Crescent by blood. He was merely a guest. Times like these made him acutely aware of how he was truly and utterly alone.

He was showered and dressed after working so hard to chop up some lumber for the collective wood pile that everyone used. He was already physically exhausted when the discovery of the dead wolf changed everything. He was still profoundly affected by all of this. His jaw set as he was trying to curb his anger. He clenched his jaw so tightly that Tyler could feel his muscle twitching. Anger had been a problem with him since he was a kid. He hadn’t really gotten over that issue after he broke the curse. If anything it only amplified all his emotions, especially his anger. He practically ran over someone as he was starting to leave the compound. The older wolf was an elder. He knew all there was to know about wolves and about being one. He was taller than Tyler but he had a head full of white curls that once was black and a mustache that covered his top lip. He liked Tyler. The boy had reminded him of himself once upon a time. He told the lad. "Tyler, don't go. We need you here."

"Need me? I'm not a Crescent." He told the older wolf. Tyler stopped to look back at him. He knew there were some who looked at him as an interloper with no business here. He was a born wolf, but he wasn’t a born Crescent. "I have no pack. I am alone. I have always been alone. My uncle and my father are both gone. I’m completely and utterly alone." He was always alone. He was used to it especially with the work he did for the Armory. He wasn’t exactly a nice guy. He was actually a huge d/ick and he knew it.

The older wolf sighed. "You don't get it do you? With the world against all of our kind, the bloodlines of all the packs mean very little. It's time for ALL wolves to come together. The Hybrid is going to kill us all if we fall along pack lines." He inhaled. “I am not a Crescent. I came here from Gatlinburg because I had nowhere else to go. We are all family not only because we belong to one pack or another Tyler. It is far greater than that. Being a werewolf is far more than that. Nature has order. There is a balance to everything. With all that is happening with The Hybird and his Vampire we’re all in danger. “

He listened respectfully to the older wolf. He knew that he wasn’t all knowing when it came to being in a pack or belonging anywhere. It had been a long time since Tyler felt like he belonged anywhere. That feeling was alien to him. He was once some dumb jock when he was a kid. Those days were long since over. “I’m not going to bail on the wolves. We lost one kid today. We don’t need to lose anyone else.” His tone had softened because deep down inside, Tyler knew he was right. He knew Klaus well enough to know that he would easily pick off the weakest among them to try and cause dissension in the ranks. Tyler knew of Klaus’ ability to manipulate people to achieve his goals because of first hand experience. There was a time that Tyler actually was grateful to Klaus for all that he’d done. That was before Klaus killed his mother and stole his girlfriend. He clenched his teeth for a moment stifling a low growl of anger.

Thomas, the older wolf placed a hand on Tyler’s shoulder. “Take some of your own advice, Tyler. If you walk away more innocent wolves will likely die.” He was a grandfatherly type to the younger wolf. He gently squeezed Tyler’s shoulder. “There will be more coming. The Crescents have been through hell and know how to survive, so they are teaching even an old wolf like me a few things.” He smiled softly.

Tyler could feel his anger start to be assuaged. His muscles loosened and his reason took over once more. “If I am not back by sunset, then keep the wolves safe.” He told Thomas. Inhaling sharply, he lowered his gaze then met the brown eyes full of concern looking back at him. “I”m not trying to get killed, I promise. I want to find out if anyone has sold out to Klaus around here. If we’ve been sold out, then we’re all in trouble.”

Thomas understood Tyler’s reasoning and nodded slowly. “Be wise if you can be Tyler. If they know where we are, then we will all have to leave in a hurry.”

Tyler simply nodded and took his leave of the older wolf. Behind him, Thomas and the other wolves in the Bayou were tending to the dead among them and preparing a proper send off for the youngster. Tyler’s thoughts went back to how being among the Crescents had taught him a real sense of a family that he’d not had in a long time if ever.


Tyler had just come out of the Bayou when he came across a stranger that didn’t belong. He had learned to develop his sense of smell and what was familiar to him. This smell was familiar alright. This smell was that of death. It was a vampire. It wasn’t just any vampire either. He saw the young looking man approach him with the smell of death oozing from every pore in his body.

When he asked Tyler’s identity, he was met with a werewolf’s growl and glowing gold eyes. He could feel his instincts rising to the surface to protect the wolves. “So what if I am? Who are you? And why did you bring your vampire a/ss to the Bayou where you don’t belong?”

Tyler Lockwood/Cerberus
credit: james kriet


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