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06/13/2021 11:02 PM 

AC 04.

"Mick, it is absolutely your f***ing fault we're in here."

Zoe's words slithered their way around his neck and slowly started to suffocate him until he had no choice but to confront the truth in her words. The logical side of him knew that there was no way in hell his actions would have landed a whole hoard of them in the basement like some Anne Frank mock up, but logic was a luxury that started to slip as the air in the room seemed to thin and sanity started to to escape through the cracks of the basement. Maybe that walking twat stick was onto something. What if he was the reason they were all there?

Mick's body was slouched against the wall and deprived of water, energy, and the will to even exist. He was put in this position because of his own f*** ups, which was an easy pill to swallow, but what caused the lump in his throat was thinking about the helpless devil child he left on the outside to fend for himself. Was Milo left on his own? Did he wake up in the middle of the night when Mick was taken? Did he watch it? Was he scared? Questions looped through his mind tirelessly and the most frustrating part was that he did not have an answer for any of them. All he could do was hope the leaders had a sliver of compassion for the kids who were left behind.

"You f***ing idiot." His voice was somewhere between a whisper and a whistle as his dry lips cracked and parted for the first time in days. Maybe this could have all been avoided if Mick had not spiked those drinks with bad meth as some school yard plot to get back at a bully. To take it a step further, this could have all been possibly avoided if Mick did not snap at Thatcher in the group text because he let his anger get the best of him. Even with the burden of his actions, there was no way in hell the leaders found this to be an appropriate punishment. Mick already got his ass kicked and his ego challenged for putting Zoe in the hospital, lying about spiking the drinks, and mouthing off to Thatcher. This could not be a continuation of consequences for him, especially since he could care less about what could happen to the others; only about what could happen to Milo. And if anything happened to Milo, then this punishment was only a stepping stone to something worst.


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